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I know nice warm and sunny eighty five degrees in Boston. one oh five a lawmaker in Rhode Island is looking to ban the sale of flavored E. cigarettes congresswoman Julie Casimiro once the vaping products gone from shelves for the health and safety of children she says. bill will be modeled by legislation in Michigan which came to be the first state to move toward the Ben reason reports say there's been an increase in vaping related illnesses across the country. Fitchburg receives a grant of five hundred thousand dollars to repair a bridge bridge that's about a hundred and seventy years old the Westminster hill road bridge. engine we built back in the eighteen fifties it's reportedly so weak it's dangerous for school buses and emergency vehicles across it it's because of cracked in missing stones of its arch ways and walls. public works officials said this we arch is now becoming deformed. protests turning violent in Hong Kong mascot demonstrators gathering at a Hong Kong shopping mall calling for democracy. I'd say at least one bystander was beaten crowds trampling a Chinese flag Tom gesture with our partners at Sky News reporting from the scene at the new town plaza shopping center. the sense of people singing you know..

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