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No, is it? That's that's what this website is. Check. Check Google for the news for the approximate result in multiple multiply the speed by one point six. Okay all right. Yeah, yeah, that's right, yeah! Because we say zero to sixty two and they say it's one hundred so basically. They're trying to hit that three hundred kilometer mark. That's why they're rounding to one eighty six right because it was like. Why did he is a very obscure number right overdue that? Reason for yeah, so they wanna hit three hundred kilometers. which which makes sense interesting benchmark, but it's. It's funny how we also have this this race. To three hundred miles an hour. We have bugatti trying to get there. We have even Hennessy with their with their supercar trying to get there. We have Kona Zag trying to get there. Yeah, they're all trying to get to three hundred miles per hour. You know and I don't know. Where are we to fifty? Two to sixty. A it's. It's funny, because even if they could do it with the Horse Power and the aero-dynamics. How do you sell that car to somebody? Right like this is like somebody like Bugatti comes in and says oh well, you can only do it with the special key and a half do from start, and it has to be pointed in a straight line and. If you to know there's people that'll buy you know. There are yeah, but if you twist the steering wheel, a little bit to the left or right, it shuts down that the three hundred mile an hour, a goal or something like it just. Because all of that because you have to build in. Tens of thousands of dollars of safety equipment just A. Just an attempt to do a proof, you still can't you still can't. All you can do is try to make the government satisfied with with you're doing you know. Some of it's overkill some of it's not like who knows again like it's like building. Anything your garage it. Your building is like. You know you want to build this thing and you want to build a loft and and they say great building the loft as easy, and then you say, but I wanNA put a gym up there with thousands of pounds of weight, and they'll yeah, we we need. We need to rethink battle. Right like unfortunately your yeah, your. We've tackled this issue as well over here, but. Yes anyway speaking of that, we're going to get into an update on the garage. We saw some of the images you posted up on on instagram on your site and your patient Goldberg's garage and working with your team over at Metro on. WHO's. Basically designing and building, going to build this. The new Goldberg's garage. And Dodd the rendering. The rendering sir good, it's a great teaser. Thanks for posts in that looks fantastic and I know you said I'm learning. The plan was got the property there. You want to keep everything in house and. There's GonNa be. Also. There's a business to run. Basically out of this garage. There's filming. There's podcasting. They're working out. Which is part of your? Big. Part of your career like there's this isn't. As much fun as it is, it's not completely leisure. It's all work. All work, but it's all relative. Living it's it's my passion, my my enjoyment. my release Oh. Guess what also happens to be how I make a living so as as over the top is it? Is it all every square inch of, but it's going to provide a service whether it's you know storing all the things. That I've been able to acquire throughout the years that our business or the or the latest the way in the plans. Which is the sound studio so yeah? It's all toll purpose bill. I'm sure I don't know if it was your idea or your accountant. That said Hey. We're building the garage and this is what it's going to cost and I do a podcast every week. The accounts like you should put podcast. there. Turns it a little bit more to better right off. To to appease my accountant? Yes, it was my. I prep. Prior phone calls yeah. Crappy for but. It's a it's A. It's a great deal. It's exciting, but. It's also a task so. Just check the progress, and where where are you? Now? We saw we saw some of the initial rhetoric rings. I. Don't know if they're finally yet, but they. They look good. When do you? When do you start breaking ground or doing plumbing foundation or you know when you start doing that? When we need to speak with Bernie municipal, so we can get all the final permits. Check off, so one swans that happens, we will be breaking ground. Yeah, let that goes I'm curious to know if the permit process out there. Hand. Deliver all documents, believe me with the big bag of big box of cookies, and maybe an apple pie or something like that. Yeah, whatever I can. Imagine the process. There is much easier than the process here. All right so. One other piece we've. We weren't able to get into all the dodge news last week, because the the debut on dodge garage of. Of, their announcement was. was. was just starting as we were recording. This and we don't want to step on anybody's feet. We didn't want. You know. We wanted to abide by the rules with the embargo and all that stuff, so this is this is what we know. This is the news that you guys have seen. Three upgrades to to the vehicles, the dodge challenger, the charger and the Durango and typical dodge fashion. That some you guys like some you guys don't like, but. Dodges AMMO for a lot of things is hey. Take something that seems to be working pretty well and just throw more horsepower at it. To work, I know some of these vehicles, challenger, charger, or feeling a little long in the tooth, so they just keep throwing horsepower out of it and do more fast and furious movies, and they continue to sell, and it's paying off. In dividends for sure so this is what we've got the the Dodge Challenger. Twenty, twenty dodge, Challenger S Artiste superstock. I think this is a cool vehicle, but also this is good for you. Dodge Demon owners dodge, said we're. The demon was going to be a limited run. We're not gonNA. Screw you on this deal. And Demon owners will get the demon, and then that will be it now. Dodge still wants to do something drag race oriented with big power right they did they drag pack the thirteen twenties that we drove. Which which had some demon parts basically on it and the suspension. World, but you're not going to get that. Demon Hood patiently. You'RE NOT GONNA. Get that Vin number..

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