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Your overnight. All right. Resetting the show. Here we go. We've got giants draft. What was your favorite pay? We've got jets draft. What was your overall take from Mike maccagnan? I won't ask your favorite best case. Because clearly that's gotta be coining Williams. But what did you think of the rest of the draft? We've got Yankees the bad news bears. I mean, the New York Yankees the replacements. All they do is win the of the best record in all of major league baseball since April sixteenth. So guys get injured every day. Someone else goes on on the injured list. It doesn't seem to matter the Yankees just win baby. Eleven to last thirteen games. They go on the road. They play Anaheim. They played the giants. It doesn't matter. I know those teams are not good. You can say that. But all you can do is play in front of you and a good team would be expected to win a series. You're not expected to sweep. So you go out you're playing on the road in San Francisco, you'd expect you went to three the go out there, and they sweep it doesn't seem to matter. A truly is a next man up. So they're playing some terrific baseball. The Mets me my part ways. They win on Sunday. The Mets part ways with Travis d'arno finally that needed to happen. Should the Mets have brought in. Instead, they they bring up Tom Tomasz Neto. They're young catcher from triple a good defensive catcher. He actually got the big hit on Sunday to put the game out of reach. But should they have brought up Rene Rivera from triple a defensive veteran. Should they have gone and called up Devon, Missouri? Co the personal catcher for Jacob degrom last year. What do you think the Mets should do as far as the backup catching position? And oh, by the way, the squirrel and the polar bear keep hitting and the Mets do get a win eight seven seven three three seven sixty six sixty six and coming up after the eleven twenty update I will be joined by Brian Compton from NHL dot com, and we will dive into the islanders and their loss. They are. Now, we know to whole big holes that they out of according to their their coach Barry trots, but trust to he's been down to before. And that experience, and you hope the confidence from that coach will continue to rub off on his team and the owners can bounce back and make this a series. Let's head to the phones Carl in Manhattan, what's going on Karl? Laurie. I just want to talk to you about Kevin Durant. Greatness. And then I got a hot take for you. I can see is the greatest score in the history. I'd eat the best offense a player to ever play the game. I really do six foot eleven he could do everything he can shoot from all three spot. I've never seen a guy score the ball that eve and the percentages that he's scorned. The hiccups fifteen forty five. Twenty six shot. If this guy comes to the Knicks. He's going to be the greatest, Nick. Play. I swear to God. I don't know about. Unfortunately, I think he'll have if he look we should be so lucky God willing. He comes to the next number one. Number two. He is a phenomenal offensive player. There's no doubt about that. But just recognizing the Knicks will have a window with them. He's already what like thirty one years old. So he's still is prime age. But you only get that. When you say he'll be the greatest Nick of all time. We'll see if he delivers a title, then that then that would be fantastic. But but in terms of, you know, Patrick Ewing, and you know, and CLYDE Frazier and some of those other Knicks to be better than that. He's not going to have as long run. So we better deliver some titles. If you wanna go and call him, the the the greatest Nick, I appreciate it Carl. But tonight where we've got draft and a lot of other topics. We're going to have tons of time to dive into Durant and the Knicks if it does come to pass, but I got a bunch of people on hold. So let's go back Joe in queens. Yeah. Some point Laurie. Could you elaborate I agree with you on now? But can his spell out your reasons, you know, I just wanna get you a tape. Yeah. On why they needed to get rid of him. Well, first of all I said this a little earlier in the show, but. Quite obviously d'arno was not hitting or playing well defensively. So when a guy is supposed to be the backup catcher. And is I think they're more for offense of reasons and he's terrible offensively than obviously after you get rid of them. I also don't think he profiles. Well as a backup catcher to me. I prefer a backup catcher to be a defense. I kind of guy especially when you have a good offensive catchers your starter in Wilson Rama's. And clearly Travis star. No is is not that guy defense I backup catcher. So that's another reason why I thought they needed to get rid of him. And he's coming off the surgery. He clearly didn't seem to be a shell of himself. Frequently injured guy just think I don't think he made sense in so many ways. So those are just a few of the reasons. Nice guy. I wish him well. But I don't think his game. Actually, he's a long swing. I don't think that profiles. Well is a backup. He's a guy. I think that if he's going to do well at all it's the play every day. Why do I know the position now on the draft? First of all just on the giants. You know, they the first pick of the traffic at the superstar five ten guys and my an interest to short, you know. And then if you're looking at Haskins. The game is changed and four for Cuyler Murray to succeed at quarterback in the NFL. Clearly, he has the arm for it. He has running ability for it at five ten Willie have the size, and he's not the same kind of strength. As a as a Russell Wilson sort of five ten five eleven sorta guy Willie of the. The size to play the position he's going to have to adjust his I think his release point a little bit in the NFL at times because he's going to have a lot of big guys closing in on him. We'll see if he can. But he certainly is a phenomenal epileptic talent and showed the ability mentally in college. I don't know. I it'll be fun to watch. What what happens with Kyle Murray in the pros? What was talking to him? Was. He was set wasn't. And I think he was about six, but the game is also has also changed a little bit. And I think when you're tarkenton certainly is famous for running all over the place, but with the kind of offense that you'd think cliff Kingsbury the new head coach in Arizona going to run. They're gonna catering to the the sort of style that that collar Murray played in in college. So we'll see if he can be successful or not. Let's go to Anthony. In queens. What do you got an Anthony? Hey, laurie. How you doing doing? Well. Thank you, sir. What do you wanna talk about essentially just on the draft? I think at the end of the day. Everybody wants to talk about the NFL changing the third. I think we always overreacted things like that just in regards to Jones dictates a chance that he might be better than what people have a few things where they're saying that you know, the Redskins another division teams. They did want him at the end of the day. But just a quick point about the last thing about the whole the, you know, again with the revolutionary the game off from the time where it was ground the pound fullback, you know, the middle type of Bank. My whole thing is I think the cardinals are ridiculously stupid forgiving away. Josh Rosen for a guy that's got a lot of question marks. And to bring in a bozo like cliff Kingsbury couldn't even go five hundred in the trash pick the big worst offensive. They're going to do and it's perfectly fair question. The the strategy and thinking of the cardinals they may not have made the right hire. And last year may have been a disaster. But I'm I'm sort of with you that they bring it in the head coach Lee did now getting rid of. A first round draft picks that you've traded up into the number ten overall pick last year and Josh Rosen. And meanwhile, the offensive line that Rosen played behind last year. I don't have a lot of people follow this or not but all five of his starting offensive lineman last year got hurt Menton playing behind five backups. That's what was going on in in Arizona last year. So I don't think we have a very good idea of what kind of player Josh Rosen will be as a starting quarterback in the NFL is to get the right head coach and the right coach offensive coordinator and the right coaching and all of that. And then we'll see. And Meanwhile, I really like what the dolphins are doing really smart move with the dolphins. So. You trade for Josh Rosen. You're only he's only costing you because Arizona paint all the big money for him. He's only costing you what two three million or something like that. It's not a big deal. And if he's great this year and shows promise, then terrific at a cheap price. You have your starting quarterback eve identified him, and you can use your needs next year in the draft to go get other players and improve if he's a bust. You didn't burn your starting quarterback? You didn't pay a ton of money to him. Not guaranteed money. You're not out a lot and you're a terrib- fine. If you're a bad team, then you have a top three draft pack for a draft that we know should feature to out of Alabama Herber at of Oregon and and from Georgia so next year shapes up as a pretty darn good quarterback class. If you're the dolphins here perfect situation, they played the draft beautifully. Now could Daniel Jones turn out to be a very good NFL quarterback. He certainly could. And I think every giant fan is hoping like heck that January Jones turns out to be a winner and an above average NFL quarterback. I'm hoping that. But we'll see Dave Gettleman took a big risk Michael in Vermont. When he got my phone. I'm a Jack fan by Danny Jones. Go be bed done. Eli is ship added chapter on his family. Yeah. The Phillies going to be better than than this year. Thanks for the call, Michael. Well, number one is Daniel Jones gonna get to play this year while the giants let him play in front of you realize going to have to do a bunch of losing. I think for for the giants to give him that opportunity. I don't know Tom Coughlin. The giants the years at ally. Manning when I was talking to a pulse Schwartz earlier from the post and he brought up allies rookie season. So Kurt Warner was the backup quarterback that year. And you I stood on the sideline with the clipboard there and watched Kurt Warner play quarterback. And Kurt Warner was down part of his career. He is hanging onto the football kind of fumbling a little bit and taking sacks down part part of his career. However, Kurt Warner was the starter for the giants. The giants got off to a five and two record. And then they lost two games in a row to get a five and four and there were veterans on that team like Michael Strahan players. They wanted them to stay with Kurt Warner gave them a better chance to win had a five and four record. They still had a winning record Tom Coughlin took a look at that football team and said they were heading in the wrong direction. And now is the time to get the rookie in there. Get Eli in there and Eli took his looks at year. He was not particularly great. He was learning. He was figuring it out ally struggled. He had his moments. But really is I three seasons. He was kind of struggling and then he came on. And that confidence building win against the patriots. When they were undefeated that last game of the season sort of help transform ally. Manny and propel him into the playoffs that year and ultimately the giants in Super Bowl. But. Are you know, are the giants going to have the courage and strength without Tom Coughlin there as the head coach is here will the giants have the courage and strength. If this team gets off to a five hundred record and clearly seems to not be going anywhere. Will they have the strength to put Daniel Jones in quarterback sometime in the middle of the season. So we can get an idea. So he can start to play being mediocre doesn't help anybody. How soon will the giant start the Daniel Jones era coming up after the break. I'm going to be joined by Brian Compton from NHL dot com. We'll talk some islanders hockey. Dennis Blair, Paul. I see you..

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