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I remember they got an AD search they have to get going. It's complicated right now. I think if the people around South Florida make it known, hey, we really think we can learn Mario to come back here. I think no matter, no matter what happens with many JS, they're going to make a change. If they do not get that strong sense. And there's enough people there around Miami who I think would be able to have a keep in mind. Two of the guys I think who are legit candidates for the AD job, one is Alonzo Heisman's former legendary player at Miami knows everybody there. The other one is Gino toretta. Heisman Trophy winner. Juno is one of Mario Cristobal's old teammates. I think they will have enough Intel to know where that stands. Now if they couldn't get Mario, I think there's enough people at who are very intrigued with the idea of a lane Kevin being their head coach. And they say, hey, we're going to roll with it. And I think lane would have a hard time saying no to Miami. I know he was enamored with that job when he was an assistant coach. A lot has changed since then. I'm not sure he would look at it and go, it's basically all I got to do is compete with Clemson in this conference. And I know the talent around there. For those two reasons, that's why I think Miami will end up making a change. Because I think they know, and if we can't get Mario, we could probably get lame. So lane you think would leave the SEC where I feel like he's really, you know, become a fixture, if you will, a personality for Miami. I'd be surprised if he said no, here's the thing. Here's the thing, too. The only time all miss has had much much success there, they've either gotten on probation or it's not gotten very far. Within the last 50 years. Miami people have one national titles there and they want a bunch of them. You can get players there. And he knows all the talent that's in the Florida. Obviously, he coached at, he spent a lot of time in the state of Florida. I don't think he's saying no to that to stay in Oxford. From come to the to come to the U. It would be that would be a huge win for Miami, frankly. He's about to if they win the egg roll this week it'll be the first ten win regular season in all this history. And then you're going to a place where he's such a great recruiter. He certainly knows that that state, it would be, I know it's been 17 years or so of misery for Miami and going they thought Mark Rick could do it. They thought Manny Diaz was good to do. They thought Randy Shannon could do it back in the day. I'm fairly confident lane would get that. Would get them going in the right direction. Is there any final? Is there any I think our tradition of that Sunday after Thanksgiving is there's always at least one that comes open that you're like, wow, I didn't even know that guy was on the hot seat. I'm thinking of Todd Graham on ASU fire Todd Graham. I'm thinking of the year NC state fired Tom O'Brien. It was like, really? Any possibility there? Well, you hear some little whispers about possibly David cutcliffe stepping down at duke. And that's one that comes up. I feel like that's almost expected at this point. I don't know. We'll have to see what happens how this stuff at ASU plays out. I know Matt zenith, who's a very good reporter at on three has reported that he thinks he's hearing that they're going to keep harm. We'll see. I don't know. I mean, I'm not saying that's not true, but I think that's one to definitely keep an eye on. The thing about herm that I've never quite. People who would assume they're going to fire him. Are they assuming they're going to fire him for performance or for the NCA stock because if it's the NCA stuff, you really got to let that play out. You can't just assume that's wrongful termination suits have been won over schools that fire to coach while the investigation was still ongoing. And as you know, the NCA, who knows how long that could take another year for that whole thing to win through. It could. Now, the interviews are going on now. I don't know how much documentation. This is whatever 2021 version of the NCA. It's not like they're going to show their homework to the president of ASU and say, what are you going to do about this? This is not how the NCA operates, even though they have squeezed out three lower level assistance. And it seems like there's a line of former staffers willing or ready to. Hold ASU and herms and maybe some other people high up there, feet to the fire. I don't know. I don't know how that part plays out. If they're still just interviewing people now, it's probably going to be months. They've been interviewing stew. They've been interviewing their people stew for like 5 months now. I know. But then, you know, like all the steps, right now that you first need a notice of allegations, then it has to go before the committee. There's not going to be a resolution on that anytime soon. No, I don't think there is on that either. What I could see though is her stepping stepping down. Yeah. Yeah, I don't know. I don't know. I'm not sure, you know, look, if your Arizona state is a very good chance that they're going to beat Arizona to go to 8 and four, that would be their second 8 when the season and basically do the last year as a two and two. It's hard to read much into anything because it was such a small season. But they're not firing them for performance. Probably not even though I think this has been a disappointing season to the fans. And they want to eat games, your Arizona state. It's not like the Jake plumber. You want a games in this year's pact. You know, they felt like this was their chance. And look, I don't know what I don't even know their personnel on snow like who's coming back next year or whatnot. But they felt like this was their chance to go to the PAC 12 title game at the very least. And it wasn't like, you know, it wasn't a murderous row of teams. They had to play. They lost to Washington state at home, badly. They scored ten points at Oregon state last week. I would say it's been a disappointing season. Okay. But it's not just not like you screwed up so badly at the fire you. I mean, I think the NCA stuff wasn't happening. That would be not even a consideration, but between the two, it just feels like that program is just, I don't know. What's this one step? I don't want to say dumpster fire, but whatever one step below dumpster fire is. Just a mess. That's a big mess..

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