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Let's bring in these five guys and maybe we sign none of them at most we sign one of them we want to see with our eyes if any of these guys are an improvement on the field over what we currently have right and if you were going to make a decision on them after working them out in seen some of the other things too checking all the boxes than you could immediately signed a workout is critical and so that for the titans obvious this situation is they don't know with marcus mary owed is going to be active this week they've elevated matt castle would have been mary is not act if they need a backup quarterback because matt castle has a history of injuries and a much more elongated history of just horrific play so they need to have someone else that can play the position and when i see these names brandin wedin matt moore glowing my friend so i apologise tj yates and i'm i'm buddies with tj but he's not good he knows he's not good he knows he's tj gates oh give won't take it the wrong way and matt barkley and i've also been told certain teams won't bring cap in because he doesn't fit the system they run but the titans run is system i just throw my pinup in the air and i say okay like we've now move the goalposts so far too where it's like well i mean is cap even good enough to try out like do we know colin kaepernick actually ever played football maybe that's a myth may maybe colin kaepernick as it could turns out was a baseball player this whole time it's just nonsense and i look at the titans when i say got two pretty good running backs it's been a good amount of money on that defense they're in a pretty weak division even though everyone this week is very excited about the houston texans.

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