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Well hindsight you had to do what you had to do and then when what once you guys held the line and you know it's funny because i use that expression a lot just talking about you know holding your line with your personal discipline and hold on the line with your your subordinates and we use it metaphorically and it's it credible to see here and talk to you about actually literally holding the line what when you guys got done holding the line a you had defeated that that onslaught from from the north koreans what was the next face move out and move north and wait the first weeks we moved four or five miles at the most nash got who wish we moved hundreds of miles and i remember going as fast as we could north to marry up with two guys who invaded it injury and just kept going i i don't remember how many opportunities we had to really get into combat after we cleared to pusan perimeter until after we got darth zillow i mean we the invading the invasion force invaded pretty well cleared that stuff away and so the city of seoul was open when wait we went right through it and we kept going north the enemy was retreating pretty fast and we were just going as fast as we could drive enough to roads and in fact are you at got on the yellow river which is about time they decided to take.

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