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Previews of both matchups on the sports page at WTO P dot com baseball nationals tangle with Colorado tonight Aaron Sanchez on the hill for the 7 O 5 start on 1500 a.m. Orioles play Boston at 7 ten Women's professional soccer Washington spirit play the Orlando pride at 7 Dave Preston WTO sports Thanks Dave Now to the top stories we are following for you on WTO A line of intense storms kicked off a series of tornado warnings in parts of the region earlier today and there is a possibility for more severe weather later We'll have the latest on the 8th In Texas one official says not breaching the classroom where a gunman was holed up with an entire fourth grade class was the wrong decision The shooter was in that room for about an hour before being killed and in that time 19 kids and two teachers were also shot to death President Biden appears ready to help students saddled with student loan debt The whites have no The Washington Post says White House officials are planning to cancel $10,000 per borrower and announcement could come soon Stay with WTO for more on these stories in the minutes ahead After the Texas grade school massacre students around here wanted their voices heard and once again they called for gun control And fairfax county Here with Thomas Jefferson high school for science and technology more than a hundred students walked out the front door this morning They were chanting for gun control.

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