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The guys probably put themselves through hell for that one time to happen. The scale different thing when you are a sixteen year old sophomore in the back of chemistry class. Sorry i got him going to wait here. It's like okay. Where are you wearing wearing. A hefty bag underneath likes wet brazi. I think i would leave a room like a high school. Wrestler came in fast than leave room. If like an armed gunman nobody was interested in. I gotta get. There's no way now this is gonna get ugly in here. He's gonna choke someone out because they're going questions masculinity and he's like bitch is to job ten pounds on a tuesday. It's it's one that i feel like you. You also what. What can you really do like you know. Let's say you're great at it. I guess maybe the olympics is in your future. I guess nowadays you could pursue perhaps some ufc type shit but now actually now it makes more sense than ever because you not the day when you were wrestling in the eighties. You're like okay. Scholarship to penn state. And then. Yes i mean. I don't really know what the end game is there. Except you got fucked up ears and you're like in your like manorexic for the rest of your life out ever you got the case if you guys though that's true you got cup. You got to come numbers at balls head balls in your face for a large portion of your adolescence which is listen and speaking of You were involved. Speaking of that directly falls in your case in. I heard a story. Jason that you light were involved in the the two bears one cave porn table. Read if you will. What exactly was that i. I know i was listening to tom. Bird set the scene when they first talking about it. Those were. that's a great idea. And they were so excited about it. Who does porn do it. And then how does how do you come to be involved in that. You lucky son of a bitch i do. I'll tell you what i am. I mean it was super. Obviously it's random but you know. i know. I don't really know tom. I know burt done his podcast in the past. Actually we have a family connection to his sister. Anyway i've i've talked to him known him for a while obviously hilarious. Great dude and I don't even think he had my number. And then he he so he reached out on instagram. You know it. Before the holidays i think and literally was with no preface. No context was just like hey man. I'm trying to do a reading of my porn that i wrote You would you be down to do the The actually at the time. It was the stage direction. I was like i wrote the shit like reading like and then yes. She puts her boobs over his face. And then cut to you. Know he's naked. So i was gonna read that shit and i literally wrote back. I was like this. Is maybe the best. Instagram direct message. Guy and i know fuck include it means but i'm in. Yeah sure and so. He set a date and It was yeah zoom. Of course and then when i got there he's like a big listen So little change of plans. Can you play. I want you to play burt. Me can you play of stage directions. And i laughed as i guess. A big will totally. I just thought he was walking around and because other people laugh too so i was like okay anyway so about this. I had a question about this. One stays direction. Should i say this..

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