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Safety camera. Nigel weekdays three till 7 93. W, E. B, C and W Traffic on the fives map here in the WNBC traffic Center. What's going on, Tony? Couple of slow dance here you're out by the airport, North bound, run old red again, hitting the brakes. Cabin off. I 70 of the Stanford roads. Outbound lanes aren't much better. That's because of some road construction out in Shelby County Man Westbound 74 committed Man a little bit slew London Road. Not even close to active, but we do have a slight delay. There may slow down just a niche traffic sponsored by B window, they get about a window door or citing project. The window can design pressure projects without ever coming in their home with their satellite technology doesn't be window dot com. Today I met Bear with traffic on the fives. Followers on Twitter and W II be sea traffic. We've got 54 degrees in the American Standard Cooling Weather Center. The time right now is 6 45 thinking about Happy hour. Well, before you drink, designate a sober driver or plan for a rideshare Be the Make a plan driver be the driver who saves lives Go to zero deaths. MD dot gov. This message is brought to you by the Maryland Department of Transportation. Reynolds Farm Equipment. Your local John Deere dealer is celebrating the grand opening of their new location and Lebanon right in front of the Boone County Fairgrounds on September 17th from 9 A.m. to 11 am This event includes tons of giveaways event only pricing on lawn and garden equipment, Mohr maintenance kits, early access to end of season.

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