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The northbound 75 in darien connecticut up by exit twelve any growth so avoided if he can cars can take me merit truck skin out four post road riches at route one the instead six 84 looks good no travels on to eighty seven through westchester the rest of westchester fairly quiet the go trails close that said that portion of a 602 between the bering land bridge and the answer will circle they were mopping up a fuel spill they say were reopened by five this morning things are okay in rock leng county ask though some slow traffic both ways on seventeen up iowa our earlier accident side they're all the lanes are open but there might still be some activity thereby west ram apoe avenue in my wassell watch where some muscle slowdowns who there and here's what you need to know about the bridges and tunnels more than slide slowdowns will say at least a twenty minute delay now to the upper level of the gwb emergency joined repairs of what they're doing and the lower levels just maria reopened that'll take away a little bit of the pain lower can take all the cars lincoln and holland they're both doing well i'm geoff jensen said our next report four thirty one on ten ten wins wins news time four twenty two president travel recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel today and instruct the state department to begin the process of moving the american embassy from tel aviv the decision controversial as we hear from by the mark remillard in a move that palestinian leader say favors israel and could have dangerous consequences for the peace process president trump is set to announce that the us will recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel and we'll begin moving the us embassy from tel aviv that's according to to us officials in a source close to the white house the announcement has upset palestinian leaders who say there is no palestinian state without east jerusalem us officials meanwhile say trump's decision does not preclude the possibility of parts of jerusalem also being a capital of a future palestinian state a ma says the move breaks red lines and would be igniting this part of raves the the us consulate ordering its personnel and their families to not conduct any personal travel involving jerusalem's old city or the west bank due to fears of unrest over later.

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