How More than 25% of all SaaS Businesses are Growing


Go where many men of explode a never returned data. Let's face it. We are surrounded by data. For example. My average day is quite door. I a laptop a record podcast a Royal echoes update. Social media make a few telephone calls. Take my dog for a walk go for a run and listen to a few podcasts or even watch better net. Flicks. Nothing exciting about that. At all book. You could look at it. Another way my watch checks by heart rate counts. My steps spa. If I last FM Mon is what songs alike will recommend visit or the playlist Toomey in the sideways, Amazon, and Netflix does a similar service, and every podcast article or social media posts has a wealth of metrics, including engagement levels that could essentially determined any future success, even the mundane is surround. By data. Not let's take that into the world of business and using data to truly understand your customers and prospects as co founder and CEO of profit, well, which was formerly price intelligently. Patrick Campbell is using proprietary industry. Data on over eight thousand businesses to help some of the world's best companies such as zyppah and we steer for example. And they helped them to identify the best pricing and growth opportunities that are actually working today. So can we make data Sam sexy? I don't know if I'm gonna give it a try book elope and hold on tight. So I can be meal is all the way to the US. So we can speak with Patrick Campbell front profit. Well, a learned more about how easy encouraging businesses to work hard on using day to understand the profile and psyche of their customers buy building quantified buyer personas. Messy full welcome to the show. Patrie? Can you tell the listeners Labatt who you are? And what you do. Yeah. Great question. So I'm Patrick Campbell Maceo founder of a company called profit well used to be called price intelligently. And we do we basically help subscription businesses with a couple of things we give free subscription financial metrics away that allow people to basically see their monthly recurring revenue in their analytics. And then we make money by selling products to help them with their cancellations as well as with their pricing in a couple of other things. And so yeah, long story short. That's that's kind of the professional side and the personal side there's not much except for the professional side. So for better or worse there. But the I'm I'm from Wisconsin. Which is in the middle of the US, I studied econometrics and math in in college. And then kind of worked in tech Lamai ho career in a couple of different. Capacity's, six so pumped research, and you guys I quickly learned that profit. While is the first business intelligence platform to actually bring together all of the businesses reoccurring revenue, which is businesses financial usage and attribution. I'm bringing all into one place. That's inside lated absolutely accurate on one hundred percent free. Now that it got me thinking of it. So we'll get we'll delve into that a little bit later, but keep just tell me a little bit more about how you do. This maybe provide a few use cases just to enable listeners to visualize. Exactly what it is that you do. Yeah. Totally. So it's basically the the long story short is when you think about a business, and it doesn't matter exactly what your business is. But for us we target subscription businesses. Right. And that's SAS software as a service subscription boxes, subscription media, all types of different types of subscriptions, and the beauty of kind of the subscription model is that you know, it bakes the relationship directly into how you make money. So that particular user they buy that subscription. And if. They basically, you know, no longer see the value or you screw up or something like that. Then they're going to end that relationship canceling that that subscription, and so with that kind of preface what's fascinating in the subscription world, and in the business world in general is that it used to be there wasn't as much competition. There wasn't as much kind of problems. You know in terms of building a business. It was still hard. It was hard to build the thing or to build the the products marketing and sales it was easier because there just wasn't as much noise out there again, it was still hard. But it wasn't wasn't as hard as it is today. And so because of how hard it is getting in because of this new model, it's really really important to understand who these customers are how your businesses functioning where there are holes in your business where there are problems in kind of all of the above in terms of in terms of those kinds of concepts. And so what we do really. US Specifically is our free product we plug into your billing system. So it could be. You know stripe. Zora braintree. Whatever you're using to actually build these subscription come companies and customers and what we ended up doing is. We basically give you insight into. Here's how much monthly recurring revenue have here. How many cancellations are happening? Here's how many people are buying more. Here's how many people are buying less and just a whole suite of of different analytics that done point to. Hey, here's a problem. Hey, you have too many people cancelling that look like this. Or here's something. That's great. You have you have a ton of people doing this activity, which is awesome. In that allows a business understand what works, and what doesn't ultimately helps them kind of focus on the right things because it's getting harder and harder to to grow that

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