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Back to talking Wisconsin sports university of Wisconsin, head basketball coach Greg guard joins us. That's coming up next. I up though, a bottom of the hour. Sports update for you. Here's the very latest on Tuesday. Rich Ackerman has it. Sports flash. Go Bucky big things Jim were expected to the Lakers after LeBron James signed as a free agent. It's been a slow start. And even though they're coming off a loss. There's still six games over five hundred and just two and a half games off the lead in the Western Conference. They'll take on the nets night in Brooklyn. Nets riding a five game winning streak. The Pacers one seven in a row the longest current winning streak in the league and a look to extend against the woeful Cavaliers who have just seven wins. Despite their recent surge, the girl, the depot and company trying to remain grounded. The you win lose..

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