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All right. So we start our number two. Nice to have you here. If you missed the first hour we talked about the weekend and the NFL Rams get beaten last night by Philadelphia Nick foles stepping up yet again. Kind of a weird weekend. Patriots supposed to get right Seattle. Look so dangerous. The Cowboys were force. Buzzers across the board. We reset the appearance in mission valley yesterday, number you, clones, showed up and pack. The Buffalo Wild Wings and your recapping on this program, which is great. I haven't even had a chance to lay my thoughts out. But I've been responding to a lot of it. If you wanna hit that you go right ahead. Chris beard is the head basketball coach at Texas Tech. He's gonna join me in about thirty five minutes next hour Steve Smith senior in Adrian Phillips of the LA chargers. We can go back to Thursday night where the chargers came back on the chiefs. And we'll hit that topic. A little bit later on meantime, very quickly. If you're on hold stay there. I do wanna talk about the pats for one minute because for years now anytime the pats have slipped up everybody has rushed in to bury them, you know. Like, look, see Bella check has finally lost it. He finally got rid of too. Many key guys. Tom Brady is finally old. The league has finally caught up to them and every time somebody races in to bury them every time. That happens the pats or able to climb out of the grave and bludgeon the rest of the league with shovel. I mean, you bury them, and then they go to the Super Bowl. You can set your watch to it. We've seen it time and time and time again, this is why been saying all along that the patriots will be done went Bill Belichick and Tom Brady are done. In other words, you don't get to say when the patriots are done. The patriots will say when the patriots are done. But that does not stop people from look. To smash them any chance they can and especially after that meltdown last week against Miami. And it's not going to stop people from looking to embalm them after yesterday's meltdown against the Steelers you see because playing the Steelers is supposed to get the patriots right for a couple of reasons. Number one, the ad that weird thing about playing in Miami over the years, and they lost on a fluke play that required. A bunch of mistakes earlier in the game for that played even matter. It's one of those Miami things though, right weird things happening to them in south beach. I mean, one of those mistakes was Tom Brady actually forgetting the number of timeouts that the pats out at the end of the first half. So when does that happen? Never never. So it was easy to say. That was a fluke loss a freaky van dig only happen in a place like Miami. But would never happen again indefinitely not against the Steelers who had just lost to the raiders and had not beaten the patriots in the last five. Meetings hoodie Brady the pats. They've got this like complete and total mental hold on the Steelers. Pittsburgh always finds ways to lose to New England. Sometimes it's cool. Sometimes it's funny. Sometimes it's unique. Sometimes they don't even bother getting off the bus sometimes they know show completely. I mean, there's no way knowing on can lose the Pittsburgh, especially out that embarrassing loss to Miami. Pittsburgh seventeen New England ten the franchise that it beaten Tom Brady a total of two times in his life. Just beat him for a third time. And it's not just that the patriots lost back to back games in December for the first time in forever. It's how they lost. Don't recognize these guys at all fourteen penalties. Fourteen for over one hundred yards. Five false starts five straight points. At one point in the game for the first time in three years. And they were all for three in the red zone. And with whatever the hell this was from Tom Brady Brady of all guys doing this down for in the fourth quarter. Tom Brady did this question..

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