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Baker through TD's and fellow rookie. Nick Chubb, carry the raw for over a hundred yard in East Rutherford. The texas. The Shawn Watson toss two TV's to lift Houston to twenty nine twenty two comeback victory over Sam darnold and the jets Bill O'Brien and the Texas notch their first ten win seasons since two thousand twelve. Yeah. It's great. I mean, I think ten wins is hard to do in this league. I give our players and our coaching staff a ton of credit are our players have worked very hard to get to this point in the season. There's a long way to go here there really is. We haven't really cliched anything. But I give coaching staff a lot of credit. We've got a really strong coaching staff. Really strong offering. This was Watson's fifth game winning drive in the fourth or teeth tied. Drew Brees for most in the NFL Steelers. Workhorse jeans, Connor has been downgraded to doubtful for Sunday's game against the pats. And in the first frame of the college football bowl season Appalachian Stevens, the foreign over news as they crush middle. Tennessee State forty five thirteen in the R N L carriers

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