Saquon Barkley leads Giants' destruction of Redskins


Game here we can make quick because it was ugly saquon Barkley and the giants crushed the Redskins forty two sixteen all those points came late in the game for the Redskins. No Odell in this games to find you. He was ruled on Saturday surprise. Yeah. Still bizarre. You know, we heard about it. I on Friday when he was limited in practice, and it sounded like there wasn't a ton of information around it. But sounded like not a lot of concern. Either though exactly because they didn't end up on the pre-game injury report that's filed on Friday evenings. And then on. Saturday. We found out ruled out for the music fan. So it's hard to know because of the bizarre way in which it came about just how serious this is. But so stay tuned all they were saquon Barkley fourteen for one seventy on the ground with a touchdown for the Redskins. Mark Sanchez has been benched in favor of Josh Johnson. I think was quarterback three on the week, which is just ridiculous. And then he watched Madden to get to know his teammates. Quote from the post game yet. We're just like, well, he honestly like he was signed last week. When Cole McCoy was injured on Monday night a week ago. They needed a backup quarterback, Mark Sanchez. And so they signed Joshua Johnson have been with a team that less than a week. And he ends he's going to end the week as a top five fantasy quarterback a guy that wasn't on a NFL roster seven days ago, and I mean and obviously start this game. I'll listen a lot of it was just to be very clear about this much of it was in junk time against backups in very soft cover. It was of course. Total jumped pavers down funny. We're not saying like in case it was like injust Johnson. Ben name the star. But in case, you're like, hey, Josh the thing Josh Johnson's not a thing. It's a brutal offensive line. It's a law season for the Redskins. It's just a a look I think they're now at and we'll see we made it to week fourteen before Jordan Reed got hurts to he did he did he he made it over on the over under of wind. Jordan reed. Mike. Misery yet but foot injury. Obviously in a lot of pain had to be held back to the locker room. I would not be planning on Jordan Reed being available at the moment. I believe the Redskins have eighteen guys on injured reserve. We'll see if Jordan Reed get shut down for the year. It certainly would make Vernon Davis did Vernon Davis. Make your way beyond the waiver wire com, which you'll be out later on this afternoon. Nothing there's a lot of hoping that Washington offense. But there are also again, very few tight ends that you can trust. So Vernon Davis will be on the waiver wire column. Kyle. We have all racked our brains for the only other tight end besides George kit with two seventy plus yards receiving three three my best. Guess was Vernon Davis. Matthew, who's your best?

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