El Salvador voters head to the polls to elect new president


Start in El Salvador Thome have one of their main newspapers, your DR to the and the reason why I'm talking about El Salvador, they will vote for for a new president on Sunday and the favourite candidate his name is Naib bouquet. He's like young outside outsider. Again, the usual story is going to break the chew politics system in the country. And he's a bit of a populist as apparently he didn't want to go to the to the debates, and he's only talking to his voters via social media. So be quite an interesting election. I I still didn't find out if he's going to be more of a scenario or an envelope from Mexico. You know, he's still quite younger females to have to see what is going to do. And but the main headline also there concentrate, of course. L is a very violent country. So apparently for the election, there'll be twenty three thousand police officers around the country, and let's remember is a control about five million five point seven million pizzas. So that's quite a high ratio. They need in terms of the sort of the political narrative. What's the big is is it, you know, a classic case of it's the economy stupid is that what matters or other some of these other. We know these sort of populist tropes that keep entering the the the rhetoric around election time, what's the big deciding factor potentially going to be well as in most of Latin America in corruption is the main one of the main topics and violences while even though the crime, they have been declined in the last in the last four years in El Salvador is still very much high stocks extraordinarily. I mean, they do have one of the highest from side rates around the world. So of course, I think corruption violence will be the main topics of this elect

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