Stephen A.: 'I'm embarrassed by what I'm seeing from the Pittsburgh Steelers


Me let me to just a little bit allow me to express to you the alarming level of frustration that I on questionably feel at this particular moment in time. I cannot put into words how disgusted I am. That the Pittsburgh Steelers ended up losing this game. I can't even put it into words. Ben Rothlisberger four hundred sixty two yards passing wasted. James connor. He's no Le vian bell. Juju Smith Schuster, thirteen receptions, one hundred and eighty nine yards wasted. For two reasons above all else. Big Ben Rothlisberger leading the league in red zone interceptions. Do another one yesterday was Shelby Harrison defensive lineman getting blocked in the coverage. And ultimately Ben Rothlisberger throwing the ball right to. Now. We can make the argument that it's the freakish interception that Ben Rothlisberger may have ever thrown as he so eloquent it in the aftermath of their twenty four to seventeen loss to the Denver Broncos yesterday. Denver Broncos team. That's now beating the charges in the Steelers in back to back weeks, by the way, we could go that route. All we can state the obvious. If you watched it throw, ladies and gentlemen, it was an interception. No matter what. Whether it was Shelby, all whether it was Roe. I'm sorry. Shelby. Harris. Oh, whether it was Roby who had. Antonio Brown completely covered. I don't know what the hell big. Ben Rothlisberger was thinking throwing that pass made absolutely positively no sense. Whatever you can point to that specific interception. But it was going to get into septic. It was going to get into septic. There is no doubt about that. There's absolutely positively. No doubt about that. Yet despite case keenum only one hundred ninety seven yards. Despite the fact that Denver didn't have the most formidable run a game to speak of. They still ended up winning the game. I mean Lindsay did have one hundred ten yards on fourteen carries. That's almost eight yards per carry. I got it. But the real culprit and all of this was bent. It was turnovers from Connor. It was a drop touchdown pass from Washington. I mean, I'm just looking around right now at the Pittsburgh Steelers. And I can't even express. The level of my frustration. Because you see regardless of how. But thank Pittsburgh secondary looked earlier in the season. They had got things together. They were looking a little bit better. But now, I'm of the monster. They lost that game yesterday. And I said, dammit, they just lost a trip to the AFC championship game. Now. Now, I'm not saying that laser gentlemen, mama's saying that it's a very simple explanation. And you know, what that explanation is? It's the fact that the Pittsburgh Steelers now dropped to what is it a fourth seed. Or at least a three seed in the AFC that means Kansas City and New England both ahead of you. That means to get to the AFC championship game. You're going to have to be one of the other one a row, and I don't think they're going to do that. Now had the Steelers and all likelihood possibly fighting for birth to the AFC championship game at Arrowhead stadium against the kids City Chiefs. You know, what if you had home games prior to that one could stand the believe who knows what kind of upset could transpire maybe I'll get lucky. Now, it's no way in hell.

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