The NBA's Western Conference is really bunched up


Hey, Johnny Mack. Love to hear you. You gotta. Yeah. Man. I think the problem is Paul home green. I mean, she came in right? And he he had the job before Hextall. So the first three years Hextall had the job we spend cleaning up your home green, scorched earth policy. I mean, there was nothing in the cupboard. There was no. You know, there was no cap space. This is the first year we that any ability to acquire anybody time, he was just shuffling backs into Titanic. So we look at the guy, and you wonder well, the teaming acquired the best players on that team or the best players on this team that we have today. It's the behind the scenes work that homegrown doesn't have the patience for which is why he lost his job is Hextall's, really excelled. Right. Let me let me let me ask you a question. John. How rate the job the Dave hack stalls done as a coach. The problem is he was never put in a position succeed. A college coach, right. Who specialty is developing young players with the college system, that's quick and easy already young players that he's developed that will go speier has developed. Well, thank so. Yes. I don't know if I would say that. Absolutely. A more complete prior today that he was when he first started his reads are better he's playing defensive end. I mean, he's never going to be strong defensive defense. The guys skinny as I am. But you know, he's an undersized player. He's not going to be clear in that kind of guy. But he's. His defense. Reads have improved. You know, he had that injury. You know? So you can see he had two older is game a little bit with his outlet passes isn't stuff, you know? He doesn't carry as much as he did his rookie year, you know. And you know, but I think he'd he's definitely grown. I thought. Well, hacksaw has made big mistakes is one that quickies system is in an NHL system. He has no he preaches almost against, you know, the hawks axiom is go to the net and good things happen and his systems all about point shots. You know, you know. So the hacksaw situation, you know, is just bad. Like, it just isn't that like part of? That's what I'm getting at here. I think that the powers that be home grin and Scott came to the decision that this isn't work. That would Dave accident Brayson table, development wise, scheme wise in the like isn't working, and they basically told Hextall we signed off on his guy. You wanted them. We said you could hire them where now four plus years into this. And it's not got any better. It hasn't developed into any results. We had more than enough patients in this something needs to change here. And we think that the first step has to be the coach, and it Hextall probably said, no, I'm telling you, this is the guy you just gotta have patients, you gotta wait, and it's gonna take time and it's pipelines coming and they said, no, it's not. And he said, well, I'm not firing him. And they said, well, why are you then they wouldn't cop that they're not about to copter that because if they do well, then you got a Dead Man Walking has the coach they have a Dead Man Walking is it is. Is it would be even more blatant? They would have to fire him and just elevate someone from the staff until they could get a new general manager could come in and wired the new coach they would have to fire him as well. If they were going to be honest and say, yes, a big reason why we let go was because we thought to coach it'd be changed. And he said, no, well, then the guy can't possibly go back behind the bench when the powers that be come out and say that so they they had to say what they said. Now, this is pure speculation on my part, let let me go well on record with this. I don't have a flyer source who works in the front office of the flyers knows the inner workings of the flyers. And and I'm telling you, I got this off the record. No, this is just purely me speculating from afar, I think they wanted Hextall the fire the guy that he hired and it acts all said, no, I I can't do that in good conscience. And they said well in very good conscience. We're gonna fire you then. I believe that's the case. And if that is the case, then I'm okay with X dolls firing because you have to be willing to do what your bosses tell you to do. That's just the America. That's the way it works here. Right. Hextall dozen run the flyers. He's a general manager run the flyers either known of flyers. You don't run the flyers? And if they made some really serious suggestions. And he just refused to do. So. Well, then yeah, that's how you get wired because I believe that there is more talented in the system now. And I believe that the flyers are getting better. And I believe they're at least on paper trending in the right direction. Why would you fire that guy? Well, because they want results now, and he's saying patients patients patients patients and their patients had run dry rich from north valleys up by ninety four WIP rich. Hey, thanks back. Hallways listening to you. Thank. But I'm lis-. I think with the seventy Sixers is the problem that they got right now is power forward. Like last year they took off because they got additions of the powerful surge and Syria, I can't pronounce his name. They're well. So that's why they took off. So I think the biggest trade that the Sixers should do is. They still trae folk because I don't want him on a team anymore. But they gotta wait until December fifteenth to Trey Wilson Chandler because he's not big enough at the powerful position. You don't reveal. That's was hurting us when they miss shots 'cause he don't he's not a good rebounder. So they should get. Kyle Korver JR Smith and Kevin love of the city of brotherly love. They should take chances. Kevin love. Kevin love will be a big accuracy. If they get Kevin love max, they go on to the championship. And if they get Reza. Oh, rich. You're you're you and I have discussed straits before. And it's fun when we do 'cause I follow your line of logic purely from a basketball fit standpoint. They do have this thing called the salary cap in the NBA young it, right? But that matches. No. No, it doesn't make a trauma million wasn't channel is not making tw- twelve twelve million a year. He he got like two twelve million. Look it up and a I ten million. So that'd be twenty three million. Love beat it. Then core in the Sixers got money on the books the setbacks, and you just gotta suck it up and take the love. But Yes, What's the chance to make a treadmill? You can't train them to December. Fifteen. I liked getting Kevin love. I'm match big daddy. Okay. No, no. I'm Jody McDonald. Damn glad to meet you by the way, big daddy coming up in forty seven minutes. So feel free to call back. Then rich, I get the trade machine out, Mike, he said Wilson Chandler. Marquel faults? For JR. Kyle Korver and Kevin love. Are you telling me that's gonna work cap? Wise loves number JR Smith is making thirteen million dollars. There's no chance that that works doesn't ESPN average trade machine or somewhere you can plug in. And it tells you just purely from a salary cap standpoint, whether it works or not. Yeah. Morning now, they don't even let you trade Kevin love because he is restriction from when you get a new contract extension. He can't be trade until February like late January. Okay. So and the same thing Wilson Chandler because he signed a free agent contract during the off season. So you gotta wait till a specific period of time before you can trade him. But. Do me a favor look up. Kevin love JR Smith and Kyle Korver. Jared Smith and Kyle Korver for Chandler full. That would work that's twenty two million for twenty one million for Kevin Love's twenty four million in there. That's not work. Right. That's what I said that three players. There's no way. The Sixers have that kind of camp room to take all three of those players back. Well. Well. Smith and Kevin love or the two highest paid players of the five players in the trades. Right. Doesn't work. No. It doesn't work. That's what I tried to tell JR. But he told me that it worked. No, it doesn't work JR. But nitrile if the Cavs are gonna just tear it down. I could see what I do at night that they would have interest in Wilson, Chandler you. Put Wilson Chandler trade. Just try and make the money work, and the money still doesn't work. No, I take Kevin love. I didn't love would fit in well with Butler Embiid Simmons. He's willing to shoot post up threes. He pounds the board on the defensive glass. I think Kevin love would be a great acquisition for the sectors yet. It's not happening salary, cap wise. Eight eight eight seven to nine ninety four

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