Protesters march through Paris amid fears of new violence


That caused people to panic inside. Try and flee trampling over each other. According to officials and that caused a number to be crushed. We're hearing around one hundred have been injured about ten of them seriously. Now, they've been taken we understand to two nearby hospitals where the being treated. According to the United States is too far ripe protester guilty of murdering of women when he drove his car into a crowd of counter demonstrators to white supremacists. Rally in Charlottesville Virginia last year. A jury took less than a d- to convict James fields and all ten charges. He faced. You're listening to the world news from the BBC. The Japanese parliament is given its final approval to a controversial new law. Allowing hundreds of thousands of foreigners into the country to ease chronic labour shortages from April next year, they'll be allowed to take up jobs in various sectors, including construction a nursing Japan has traditionally been wary of immigration, but the government argues that bringing in more foreigners unavoidable because of the country's aging population opposition parties, see the new law has been. He's totally drafted. The Brazilian president Michel Temer says he is asked the governor of the state of rhymer to handover administrative power until the end of the year with the details. Here's candy. Mr Thomas said the federal intervention was needed to regain control after a series of protests and strikes by prison guards and police over pay ROY Raymond has seen violent prison riots this year, and the government is worried he could destabilize the state that borders Venezuela, but there's another problem to last month, the central government had to partially intervene in ROY Rama to deal with tens of thousands of Venezuelan migrants. The state authorities said they didn't have the resources to deal with them alone. The Jamaican reggae star. Buju Banton has returned to the island after being released from prison in the United States. He served seven years in jail in Georgia after being convicted of intent to supply kookiness, dozens of fans gathered at the airport in Kingston to welcome home. Would you Benton was Jamaica's biggest reggae star since elite Bob Marley? Australian schoolchildren have led protests by thousands of people against the plant coal mine in the state of Queensland the children invited adults to rallies in major cities demanding that the Indian company Adani abandoned, the project sponsor, Danny vowed to press ahead with the mine little be considerably smaller than original BBC news. Hello again. You're listening to weekend with me Pasqua Harsha and coming up in this hour. We'll be discussing a new trend co-parenting that's springing up a child by parents who are not and never have been romantically involved. His father will Kamei putting to bed. Read them and not nighttime story anything a normal. Father would you and it really works and YouTube called split up because you've never been together. Yeah. Exactly. And we are they are sleep best friends. Find out what our panel. Thank of that veracity Pillay in Johannesburg and Jonathan Steele here in London studio with me, but before we get into that Jonathan you've come to us fresh from a conference on Syria in London this week. This is a very interesting conference at the London School of economics, mainly with Syrians taking part. Basically the exiles. So they're not program in any way. But they were quite depressed about what was happening because who knows wars winding down, and that means that there's less killing going on the government is determined to sort of beaver said one of the academic said to be fortification mode. They want to make sure that this new resurgence of violence and song. And it even goes the question, whether the government wants refugees to come back because as one of them, again, another one put it the government doesn't have the resources not only not to feed people coming back to police them because the sources fear that there could be a new uprising us there wasn't twenty eleven and even talking about people coming back does that mean that there is a sense that the conflict is winding down. I think there's a definite sense. I think everybody agrees including opposition people. Hold up mainly in. Live in northwest, Syria. The rest of the country's back onto government control, the whole of Damascus big cities, Hampson Hammond. And. Leper so fighting house really calm down and the government claims they control what they call can the terrible phrase useful, Syria. The area. They consider doesn't matter in the northwest doesn't matter, but the big cities in the spine of the country, which runs no south from leopard entre Moscos's back from and government is very very interesting to hear the you say there's consensus that the conflict is winding down and get one of our contributors recently was talking about standing on the balcony of her home in Damascus and seeing the bombs falling on another part of the city will I think that's a little bit out of date. Now that used to be the case when I lost about a year ago. You could hear the poems and see the plain song. After the fall of Houston Huta in the spring of this year, pretty much, Damascus suburbs and back government control back under military control. But as hinting from this conference is the whole question of political Israel and government is not going to make any concessions, those can be no compromise or to alter the in fact, the Geneva talks dead dead sing because the government is determined to consolidate its victory, forty five country grounded Sern regime and not make any concessions tool, and as our other guest on the line from Johannesburg knows very well one thing is is the struggle. And another thing is the peace afterwards and Borussia Pillay on the line from Johannesburg. You've been looking into something else. We talk about South Africa we used to as the rainbow nation, but you have been looking at an undecided of racism within. Would you say? Within the black community. Absolutely. The skull within the black community and within the Asian community. And in fact, many communities I myself am of south Indian descent, so I really had from both sides being sort of sixth seventh generation growing considering by South African as well as of Indian descent and seeing just how these tropes play out. And because it's so much of a black lives have been discussed in relation to to whiteness and colonialism. It's only now that we started to have this conversations within black communities, which I think is really important that we start talking about how have we internalized notions of self hatred, and so on and a one of the one of the obvious things is the skin lightening creams, which understand you're searching. Yes, I'm actually writing a book on the topic of color rhythm and cutter ISM. You know? It's it's got so many. Sort of impacts in our society. One of them is of course, you know, the most obvious one is the very damaging nature of skin lightening creams in South Africa. We were fortunate enough to had those band very early on in in in our in, you know, in the sixteenth s the damage became apparent and people still use them they're widely available in black markets. And and you know, it's not just about the health risk. There's so many studies that show that lighter skinned people are lacking black people get much more in all kinds of opportunities job opportunities. You only have to look at Hollywood to see this. The light skinned the lighter skinned black woman is is usually cost darling. And the darker skinned black woman is cast as the villain and just how it is becoming in growing and growing conversation with these kind of things are being unpacked, and it really reaches across the world. And when I visited India for the first time, I was considered extremely dark, and and it's very interesting to me because I grew up under. The influence of black consciousness of Steve Biko where you taught to love yourself, and that influenced my understanding of my own skin color, and in India, it really was seen as a huge, Mark. I could not find makeup in my skin color. And I'm I could not find any creams that did not have skin lightening in them. And as you say this is prevalent across the rest of Africa, the Congo, Nigeria and so on. Coming. You mentioned black consciousness. I was just wondering right now, the ANC is. Emphasizing blackness much more. In fact, I think Tabor Mbeki recently said the ANC is becoming a black party. He was saying that was a criticism and you've got the economic freedom fighters. Rules, pushing sort of black power entering into this debate on on this sort of saying to toback people you shouldn't fool for this nonsense about calories and trying to look whiter than white. So absolutely. This is a very much a debate that I think is raging amongst the diaspora and blackmail across the world, whereas in South Africa because of the fierce black pride and a big movements towards owning your blackness. It would be considered very unfashionable to to avert. We say these things so it's really subtle. It's really a subtle thing. You know, they'll be adobe slang terms. Coined Appalachia skinned woman, yellow bone, and there'll be a preference towards them in music videos, and in also liberty culture. They'll be gradual lightning of our liberties getting lighter and lighter because they're using something called glutathione. Injections, which is not tested at all in terms of health implications, and literally lightens your skin. So there is this professing publicly of being proudly black while I'm working really hard to conform to a standard of beauty in terms of intensive one skin color and other aspects of how presents themselves. Hey up of fat. So while the ANC are very pro black. You know, there's so many issues for them to tackle. They haven't quite got onto this one yet. Well, let's hear more about that issue later in the program rationally Pillay on the line from Johannesburg and Jonathan steel here in London. But right now, let's go to France where the capital is waking up amid fears of another weekend of violence and new nationwide protest of the zone. All the yellow vests is due to take place in the coming hours, the government as well as major unions have called for calm asking protesters to stay away from places where many of last week's more violent incidents took place in the capital, but also in the rest of the country to in Paris, major attractions such as the Eiffel tower will remain closed today. But all of this is despite concessions from president Emmanuel Macron earlier this week, including abandoning a planned increase on fuel tax. And yet that hasn't appeased everyone tensions remain, very high as Hugh Scofield reports from Paris. It's

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