Kevin Hart steps down as Oscars host


Oscars. Well as often happens when things like this are announced. Offensive tweets that Kevin Hart had years ago. Came up and these tweets were reposted and made their way around social media. Many of these tweets were, very homophobic, and Kevin Hart had to sit here and realized that this was a big controversy. All of these tweets he had looked Kevin Hart's a comedian. And he tweeted out some things that he probably thought were funny. One thing was about his son growing up if he was gay. I would stop him from being gay. Now is this him talking tongue-in-cheek is this him being a hundred percent serious? I mean, you know, you don't know what's in somebody's mind when they want to tweet something, and again, these are tweets from years ago many as much as ten years ago. It got so bad. Kevin Hart stepped down as host of the Oscars. He was announced today, and he withdrew from hosting the Oscars. Now, the Oscars has to go look for somebody else to host the show because of these homophobic comments that were made on Twitter by him years and years ago, and the reason this intersection sports is because this is the same thing we saw earlier sear with Josh hater we saw with Josh Allen quarterback of the bills night of the NFL draft. All these racist tweets from Josh Allen from five years ago when he was in high school came up same thing with Josh Hader. Josh comes in all star game, boom. Neither the all star game. Here's some old tweets from Josh hater where he saying some very racist things. And Josh Hader, had to apologize for Josh Allen had to apologize for maybe fell a little bit through the draft because of it. But this has happened now. So many times mainly we saw it in the world. Of sports. But now, here's entertainment. And it's the first thing you think of when you see Kevin Hart is Josh and Josh Allen, and how many times and now you're wondering the next time. This is going to happen. Because believe me, there's people who have these tweets saved up waiting for the right moment to say, you know, what I'm gonna loose this on everybody. And you're going to see exactly what they said years and years ago some seven years ago eight ten years ago doesn't matter they use the curiosity in this particular case. And obviously, you can't it's like when we talk about these sarcasm font and it being necessary for Twitter, right where people take you at your word, Kevin Hart as a comedian and distasteful. Sure, we can have those discussions in the change of where the line is in a in a lot of discussion and a lot of where society and culture in a second in a lot of. Areas at this point. But this is something he's address before the something. He's talked about before. And he's continued to make at a minimum ten movie swabs GV appearances. Plus stand up tours whatever every year. This is not been a controversy. That's in persistent. So but now. But why why is the Oscars? The biggest thing he's ever done in his hosting the Oscars. That's the biggest thing. This is the pinnacle of his career hosting the Oscars. A really really big deal. Sure, it is you it's bigger than any movie he's ever done. It's a bigger audience at one point a bigger. Focus on him. No, no, focus on how bad or well. His his performance, you host the Oscars. It's the biggest moment of your career. Biggest moment of Seth Macfarlane's career. Biggest moments of Billy crystal's grand. These are guys that have had great careers. But you Oscars. That's something different. You're talking about a television audience. That's only rivaled by the Super Bowl. It's more people watch the super, obviously. So it's a little bit less than that. But you're talking about a television audience that that everybody is watching you this is about you. It's once in a lifetime. So this is when okay, what is really the most the most powerful time to strike at Kevin Hart. When a movie of his is coming out on a Friday or hey, your name is the Oscar host. You know, what bull here it is? Here's these Ray. And because the new cycle is owned by the fact that here, you are you're the Oscar host so people are paying attention to this story already. And now, here's where I come out with. Here's these tweets he had years and years ago that he's addressed and instead of bowing to the pressure from the Oscar said, hey, we need you to apologize. We need you to go and condemn what you said. And he's talked about it. Because look I was a different guy, then those jokes is part of the act, etc. And take him at his word or don't the reality is it's it's years in the past that has been addressed. He said, I'm not apologizing about I get that. Some of the things though are need a little bit more of an explanation. Maybe he's gonna regret it later because it's the Oscars. He's gonna say I'll buy I would have had to why did they not do this? It's the Oscars because right now his reputation is really low. You don't wanna turn into some look what happened to Mel Gibson for how many years he was like everybody's staying away from him. And he's had to come back in the shadows. And come back from from getting arrested in everything and he's not really all the way back yet. Kevin hart. I didn't need to apologize. But what explain some of this stuff? Just do something to say, why don't you want your son to grow up? I don't want to be a conversation about this. The it's mainly about how would you become famous? You have to realize, and this is what so many people on Twitter don't realize when they first get on it. It's not a group tech. Next right, Twitter's not a group. Text Twitter is not you and a bunch of people hanging out in the living room making jokes. But that's how people treat it like they're texting with their friends like, hey like athletes like Josh Allen. He's just fooling around in high school. He's around on Twitter with his buddies who were on Twitter. And it's a fun thing thinks like it's only the small circle of us. That are looking at things Twitter is a record is a physical record of you, your beliefs, and what you say, and everybody's got to realize that and athletes don't realize that you're not in a locker room hanging out talking and saying off color things and things that could be offensive. But because you're joking around in the locker room, everything is okay. That's not what Twitter is and people still don't realize that Josh hater didn't realize what Twitter was Josh Allen didn't realize it Kevin Hart, beginning didn't realize it. I can just say whatever I want to and part of it is when you're a comedian, and you're an athlete, and you're you're an entertainer. You're not really as beholden to things as you are. And you're an athlete because I. Could say what I want 'specially comedians because that's what they do some jokes are in bad taste, but they do that for a living. So you don't realize it. Okay. I need to be beholden to anybody. But then the stuff comes back, and you go, oh, it's really come back to bite me in the ass realize that Twitter what you tweet is a is a public record of who you are what you're saying. And the number one thing you should do if you're famous go back and scrub that Twitter account. Maybe people have it already and they're waiting for you to be famous. But if you're not famous people on hold onto stuff go and take a whole day, go through all your tweets scrubbed, the bad ones. Get rid of the bad ones. Go through everything just keep going, however long. It is go to Starbucks sit in front get that delete button ready and get rid of anything. You think I don't want this taken the wrong way? Someone might come back and see this get rid of it. But yet because there's still keeps happening and happening sports and people didn't pay attention happen to Kevin Hart. People are still going to let this go. And you're going to see this controversy continue with different people Jewish statements that he put up on Twitter just a little while ago. I made the choice to step down from. This year's Oscars. This is because they did not want to be a distraction on night that should be celebrated by so many talented artists. I sincerely apologize to the LGBTQ community for my insensitive words from my past. I'm sorry that I hurt people. I'm evolving and to continue to do. So my goal is to bring people together not terrorists apart, much, love and appreciation d the academy. I hope we can meet again. So there's his apology. So there's this apology on twentieth. Politics, LG LGBTQ community. That's that's kind of getting that finally from him. So hoping that this turns the page and maybe doing it now. Maybe they wait a week and say, you know, what? No, we he apologizes. This is that and he could go in and host the Oscars again. But at the very least it's a wakeup call for everybody about not pressing send her we're gonna talk about Herm Edwards for thirty years. Don't press send one of the wisest things he ever said he says, he's a garage. I went back and tremendous job at the college level that was mocked and derided when it happened in. In a very avid says one of the most intelligent things related to our social media world you play to win the game. And don't press. He can make T shirts for days. Yeah. That's you. Gotta do. That's odd. Kevin hart. That's the t shirt I wear the next couple of days. So 'cause you know paparazzi is gonna fall around now because all the stuff that don't press N t shirt. He's in Australia. I believe right to win the game Twitter at how about a Fresca, Mike, it's Molin dome. The Jason Smith show with. Fred Mike, carbon coming up next

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