What does a coffee enema do?


I promise you that. I would also finish up here with desert so to speak this whole idea of coffee Animas, and I have a whole article on coffee enema, but I get a lot of people ask me about this. I'm going to give you the one. Oh, one in coffee Animas. No, put plenty of links in the show notes for the equipment, you need an article, I wrote on everything, but the idea behind Coffey animus is they have this amazing capacity. To enhance gut parasol SIS gallbladder bile release liberty toxication and their superior to plain water Animas because they have so many more benefits. You've got theobromine the filling PO medic acid caffeine all of these things in coffee travel through the capillary bed of your rectum into your portal vein, and that leads directly to your liver, and when they do that, they dilate blood vessels. They open up the bile ducts, they allow the liver to release bile. And when that happens, it also stimulates an enzyme system in the liver. That increases glutathione your master antioxidant by six hundred to seven hundred percent that glutathione can react with free radicals in the bloodstream, it can render them inert it can enhance both phase one and face to liberty toxication pathways and then face three. These neutralize substance. Get dissolved in the bile released through the bile flow from the liver in the gallbladder pass out through intestinal track. You poop them out that simple. So so here is the one. One on the coffee. I do this once a week on typically on Wednesday mornings a you need a coffee enema kit. Don't get plastic. Get medical grade silicone stainless steel, there's a version Amazon, you can get pulling to the show notes for portability. There's also a special like a what do you call? It glide Amin's glide suppository is like a coffee enema suppository when I'm traveling. I don't carry the Bill buck and everything, but I do with glider, which give me a lot of these same benefits in suppository form. They don't hold a candle to the to the full on coffee enema, but they can do the trick. So you've got your stainless steel bucket. You've got a little clamp that attached to that. With the two that's going to go up your butt. And of course, you want. I shouldn't have to tell this organic coffee. Definitely don't shove pesticides herbicides up your backside.

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