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Hunter's Point community activists angry over Butte County fire cleanup plans


Mm hunters point community. Activists are demanding the governor Gavin Newsom rescind a contract to clean up the Butte county fire zone. That's because as KCBS is making gold's be reports the company tasked with the job is part of the same company in hot water for the naval shipyard. Chemical cleanup in San Francisco. What's tech was given the contract to clean up the toxins left by the campfire? It is the same company that had some employees found guilty of falsifying cleanup records at the hunters point. Naval shipyard in San Francisco, the people in Butte county need to know that Tetra tech defrauded on his point they've defrauded other communities, and they will definitely defraud the people in Butte county, Charles Bonner is the attorney for the class action lawsuit on behalf of the community of hunters point over the clean up here. And Sam singer is a spokesman for Tetra tech EC, which he says is different from Tetra tech INC project Inc. Won the campfire. A cleanup contract. It was not responsible in his named in the lawsuit at hunters point shipyard, which is against Tetra tech, EC like environmental cleanup says Monterey Bay one in the same. Tetra tech has this kind of into connectedness, and they're all across from the president on down that singer says this call has nothing to do with Bonner in the community. Members caring for the residents of Butte county. Instead, it's about winning the class action lawsuit over the cleanup in San Francisco. But Boehner says if the governor doesn't rescind the buke county contract in thirty days his group will March on the capital making gold, speak KCBS. The wettest parts of the bay area. I got more than seven inches of rain over the last week. But KCBS Mike Kogan says that doesn't mean drought is no longer a concern. Over the last week San Francisco that one point five seven inches, San Jose, two point seven three and Ben Lohman seven point five nine that might sound like a lot of rain, but not enough to make much of an impact. Now, there's still quite a bit below average rebound twenty nine percent of capacity about sixty percent of your today to average also really takes a lot of rain. Yeah. We still need a lot of rain not out of the woods yet. We still have a lot of room to capture feature storms Kurt ariza's is in charge of reservoir operations for the Santa Clara valley water district. So what would it take to make measurable difference? We'd like to see spread out storms. Obviously, we don't like get too much at one time, but we get a series of storms every other week or so and just kind of continuously getting someone off into the reservoirs rain is pretty much done for for. Now. The national weather service says there aren't any significant storms on the horizon.

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