Furloughed federal workers to miss second paycheck this week


Within the last twenty four hours a coast guard commandant has said this is unacceptable that members of the coast guard and their families are going to food banks to feed them. Selves, the common dot going to social media last night to essentially put out the word that this simply cannot continue business CEO's in Switzerland. Talking to NBC has have said this is embarrassing this the shows American dysfunction, and it's unbecoming of the United States of America. That's NBC's. Tom costello. A brief thaw today is increasing some areas of flooding across the Ohio people are watching for sewer backups in their homes today. City workers are also clearing storm drains as the warmer temperatures and rain caused rapid snow melt Franklin county residents are now able to text to nine one one in the event of an emergency. The service went live this morning after two years of work to assist those who may not be able to speak or cannot talk during a dangerous situation at this time, though, they're not able to receive photos or videos, but officials hope that that technology will be available soon. It is day to on the picket line for hundreds of rights state university professors today. Raises workloads and benefits or the sticking points in the negotiations that their union has been arguing with university over for over two years. Right state says all classes again today will go on as scheduled. Meanwhile, teachers in Denver, they overwhelmingly approved a strike this week Denver classroom. Teachers association said yesterday over ninety percent of unionized teachers they're voted in favor of going on strike. Meanwhile, teachers in Los Angeles, they're back in the classroom today after a strike lasted more than a week in California. Phoenix police they've charged a male nurse with sexual assault following the birth of a baby by a woman who is in a vegetative state at a long-term nursing facility late last month. Investigators say a DNA match with the infant boy lead. In led them to thirty six year old Nathan Sutherland won the women's caregivers at hacienda healthcare. This is a facility that you should be safe and someone wasn't and I really want for all our the hard work and their get occasion to make this case be solved and keep us safe. Sutherland was arrested yesterday that twenty nine year old victim has been incapacitated there since she was three years old a group of advocates for highway and auto safety say excessive speed has been a factor at least a quarter of all fatal crashes and home prices across the US are on the rise. If your ABC six first wanting weather four. Cast rain today with a high of forty three I'm Alison Wyant. The Rush Limbaugh show starts next bringing anything, but your best against the Ohio State buckeyes a team with a history of eleven all Americans and twenty four big ten titles. Not smart using ZipRecruiter to help. You find qualified candidates fast. That's smart.

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