News in Brief 26 December 2018

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This is the Newton brief from the United Nations the United Nations peace mission in Afghanistan. Nama has condemned. The terrorist attack Monday in the nation's capital Kabul in area heavily populated by civilians. According to media reports at least forty people are said to have died and many more were injured during the suicide and Bombeck retargeted a government building. Dada. Msci Yamamoto the head of the UN mission underscored that there was no justification whatsoever for such attacks. These attacks cause untold human suffering to Afghan families. He said stressing that the UN continues to stand in solidarity with all of Khan's. He added that the organization remains committed to an Afghan led peace process that will end the ongoing war and enable the government to allocate more resources to protect all citizens from such tragedies. You in children's fund UNICEF has stepped up efforts to help families affected by the devastating soon. Army that hit the Indonesian coast around the Sunda strait between the two main islands of Java and Matra on Saturday. Unicef is providing bednets school sanitation kits which includes towel soap buckets and sanitary pads as well as technical assistance on nutrition and child protection following the disaster. According to the UN releasing orcher based on government figures, four hundred thirty people have died one thousand four hundred ninety five injured and one hundred forty nine missing as of Wednesday, an estimated twenty two thousand people have been displaced Indonesia's meteorological agency has warned that a new soon. Nami could be triggered by the Anak Krakatau volcano, Versailles Smick activities caused undersea landslides that led to the disaster. Authorities are alerting people to stay up to one kilometer away from coastal areas. The UN and humanitarian partners have offered to support the government led response and are enclosed communication with national. Authorities to fully understand the situation in the affected areas and provide whatever help is needed. Veterans Day also marks fourteen years since the deadly twenty six December Indian Ocean. So NAMI one of the worst disasters in modern history that claimed over two hundred thirty thousand lives in fourteen countries with Indonesia being the hardest hit the UN support mission in Libya. Unfamiliar has condemned used as terrorist attack on the nation's foreign ministry in Tripoli. In a statement, the mission expressed its deepest condolences to the family of the victims and wished a speedy recovery to the injured, it reaffirmed that attacks on state institutions constitutes an attack on all Libyan's, the San salami the head of UN's animal denounced, the attack underscoring that terrorism will not try them over the le'veon's decision to move forward towards building their state and announcing violence, we will not accept any attack on a state institution, especially one committed by a terrorist group. He added according to media reports the terrorist group Aycell claimed responsibility for the attack following the. Attack salami contacted the government of national accord to denounce the terrorist attack offered his condolences and call on them to announce the protection of public institutions feeble Mishra United Nations.

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