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Syria have been supported by the United States and Turkey wants to remove them. Eliminate them and kill them. If they can this is this is unfortunately, going to be seeing across the Middle East as a betrayal off its allies by the United States. The Kurdish fighters have stood alongside the United States in Iraq in Syria. And right now, these he's pike is a holding approximately twenty five hundred hardcore ISIS fighters from. All the what? Well, and it's likely that all those individuals was break free wants to win the could get wiped out by the Turks. I out of time. Now, we didn't get to that fragile ceasefire that I guess is underway in Yemen with that Saudi Arabia situation that a humanitarian tragedy. Yeah. So we'll we'll talk about that in the new year because that's the story is not going away. In fact, I don't even hear anything more about the United States reaction to the assassination of that journalists. Whatever happened to that story. That's another example of how a we seem to be less concerned about the broader picture and more concerned about immediate transactional activity in the Middle East. The great probably this is asking me, it's go to Creighton off security, the security of Israel and the security of all our allies. All right. Have a happy new year. I'll talk to you in two thousand nineteen thanks for getting up with us to appreciate that yet bad as we check some of the other news stories unfolding since y'all fell asleep last night on this Thursday morning. The twenty

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