Pros And Cons Of Fasting Before A Workout


So when they're given a little bit of carbohydrates before workout the little bit of carbohydrate before the workout. And then they go out, and they do the workout and then they fast after workout. They actually burn more fat in men or the opposite men. They don't eat before the workout, and then they eat following the workout. We tend to see a little bit of a difference in the sex response to this. Now, you need to realize this was done in like lean trained individuals. So I would say again a caveat for for a really lean trained female would be that you. May actually want to again, eat something small before a workout. If you fall into that category of lean active female because I have seen some hormonal issues arise, and the cool thing is if you do that. But then you fast after the workout you still see a really good increase in fat oxidation. Some of the studies have been done men versus women are really fascinating. And then finally it takes time. I've talked about this on my podcast before and marxists. In refers to this is being a fat-burning machine or others who referred is becoming fat adapted or Kito adapted. But the fact is that for you to feel really good doing facet exercise sessions and for me to do things like go and do an ironman triathlon. On Kito sus takes about one and a half to two years to actually build adequate might Okon drill density. Fat-burning officiency beta oxidation, it cetera to really start to feel like a champ and be able to perform at the drop of a hat

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