Trump Signs Bill Reopening Government for 3 Weeks in Surprise Retreat From Wall


Over. Let's get a sense of what it all means. Craig Gordon, executive editor and Washington bureau chief joins us, the hardest working man in Hollywood. I know Craig. So what we take away from what we heard from the president. What you saw was a complete and utter capitulation by the president on his demand for wall funding. You may remember that he said he would not sign a Bill that did not include five point seven billion dollars to build a wall. And then he accepted exactly zero dollars. That is huge. What happened? Why did he all of a sudden why did he capitulate? I think what happened is LaGuardia Airport got shut down. And you know, it's all fun and games until some can't land their airplane. It's hard not to take note of the timing of the Roger stone indictment on the same day. But you know, Trump is a master of distraction, and certainly a lot of us in the newsroom horror writing stories about Roger stone, and how his close ties to candidate Trump and President Trump, suddenly we're now having read about the end of the shutdown. So we'll we'll be back to stone before long hair. But you did have just a lot of pressure piling up on Trump. I think also you saw after they took those two votes in the Senate that both failed McConnell and Schumer. Got together. And I think there was a little bit of growing drumbeat. Among even some Republican senators to say, look, Mr President, if you're not going to open this up we will. So obviously better for him to look like he's in control of the situation. But it is it is pretty hard to overstate. How much he he gave up on the wall? And it does feel on the other side like a pretty clean win for speaker Nancy Pelosi here. Yeah. I mean, I, you know, it's interesting because there are a lot of questions about whether Pelosi was sort of the right leader for the new democratic majority. You've got a kind of a younger and more diverse majority in the house now boy, I think she's she's earn her pay. She's really she's kind of getting it done for them right now. I mean, look she stood in with the president United States. And she pretty much got everything she wanted so far he's gotten almost nothing that he wanted so far, and that's kind of a win by any measure. So Craig I gotta as one of the things that I think has been played many times. And maybe not surprisingly is that seemingly seminal meeting in the Oval Office. Among the president the vice president Senator Schumer speaker Pelosi or then house minority leader Pelosi where Trump said I will own this. I will shut down the government. How much has that come to haunt him in a way, especially in terms of public perception of who's to blame for what's happened over the past thirty five days. Yeah. I mean, I think it was sort of determinative if you go back and take my favorite part of that tape is is look at Chuck Schumer. Top Senate democrat. He can barely contain his laughter because he knows he's got them. He's got him in that moment. And look I there's been a lot of Paul's at about who's to blame for the shutdown. There's not a single one that I've seen that says Democrats have the blame or the majority blame blame Trump and the Republicans, and that's that has given Pelosi and Schumer just enormous ability to maneuver, they know that they they sort of have the public against Trump on this kind of felt like they were on the side of the angels. I thought that when Pelosi said he couldn't deliver the state of the union that might have been a misstep on her part because he is the president. And he wants to give a speech, you should give a speech. But that's the thing even seemed to have changed the change the dynamic, and here we are just days later where Trump is capitulating. So they have had you know, public opinion on their side. And I do think the LaGuardia thing was was pretty seminal moment, but just the whole drumbeat people not getting paid foodbanks. We've been through the airport and watching those TSA people, you know, they're not getting paid. They're still doing their job. I think for a lot of Americans that was that was unpleasant. And they decided that Trump was the one that or the blame. But to quote, one of our former colleagues Hans Nichols. Who tweeted a ceasefire not a truce? I mean, this ain't over. No. But I agree with that. I I would say a couple of things about that. It seems like it'd be really hard to shut down the government again having just come through it. I know that this this only a three week deal and theoretically on February fifteenth the money runs out just like it ran out before. And you could you could happen again. I think at that point you might have a lot of a lot of lawmakers in the Republican side again saying look, Mr President, we can disease where we'll do this hard way. I don't think they want to go through this again. And and Secondly it again. I've said it about five times, there's no way there's no way to look at this except that Trump caved. I mean, Nancy Pelosi is Chuck Schumer knows the Democratic Party knows that. And so the idea that he comes back three weeks later playing a stronger hand and having a better chance to get the wall. There's no version of politics that I I'm familiar with are. That's true. Let's talk about you referenced Roger stone. So is that investigation getting to the president? Yeah. I mean, you know, we don't know where this is all going to lead. I think of it a little bit like concentric circles with Donald Trump in the middle and mother is alleging that stone lied and some of his testimony. So that's usually fairly easy to prove. But again, you now have a very direct link between

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