News in Brief 25 January 2019

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This is the news in brief from the United Nations u n human rights chief Michelle Basch, let won't on Friday that the situation in Venezuela could spiral out of control amid deadly violence linked to Hoan guidos self appointment as interim president the urine refugee agency UNHCR meanwhile has warned of mounting tension. As five thousand people day continue to leave the country. Many are in done need of protection. Here's at Rupert Colville spokesperson for the High Commissioner for human rights. We have received information from credible. Local sources that at least twenty people have died after allegedly being shocked by security forces or by members of pro-government armed groups during demonstrations on Tuesday and Wednesday with many others reported injured by bullets buck short and rubber bullets. The High Commissioner is extremely concerned. And I quote that the situation in Venezuela may rapidly spiral out of control with catastophe. Offic consequences in her statement, Misbash insisted that it was vital to prevent a repetition of repression against protesters demonstrating against the government of President Nicolas Maduro who was officially sworn back into office two weeks ago in the last week OH Chr says that some one hundred eighty protests have taken place in some of the poorest areas of the country's capital Caracas. It has also reported they large scale detention of demonstrators including three hundred and twenty people on Wednesday alone to the eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo. Now where deadly Ebola virus infections have increased in recent weeks and spread into a new area. Authorities say according to the DRC's ministry of health. There have been a total of seven hundred fifteen cases of Ebola which causes high fever and bleeding for one hundred and forty three people have died. The overall fatality rate is over sixty percent. New infections have been reported from thirteen health things and have incr-. Priest notably in cat were were health workers have faced community mistrust. The virus has also extended southwards to Qena which is described by the authorities as a high security risk area despite some public hostility hampering the fight the World Health Organization or WHO maintains that the disease is being pushed back in a hot spots where armed groups have hampered the work of health workers his spokesperson for della Shadab, if there is an increase in cases in these two health zones. There is a decline in cases and students in Beni which was the former epicenter. This is a strong positive and cater of how effective the response can be despite multiple challenges in Malawi, the UN human rights office. OH Chr has spoken of its alarm at increasing horrific violence. They're linked to upcoming elections. Victims of violent attacks have included politicians, male and female party activists and persons with Alba. Unisom in one recent incident in the north of the country. A fifty five year old man with album was repeated these stopped in front of his child therefore his arms were amputated by his attackers UN spokesperson Rupert Colville told journalists Geneva that member of parliament Bonk Lindow was also set upon after being arrested for insulting the president following his release on bail on the sixteenth of January. Mr. Kalinda was violently assaulted allegedly by members of the governing democratic progress party youth wing who will commonly referred to as cadets on the premises. So the district Commissioner in the southern Talamo lingerie, and he required hospital treatment then again last Sunday twentieth of January Edward Govardhan by who was a supporter of another opposition party Malawi. Congress was savagely attacked in Blantyre also reportedly by DP cadets, he was extremely badly beaten and also required hospital treatment, Mr. caveat. He had. Previously been threatened because of his political activities. Mr. Colville noted that women candidates are faced threats harassment and intimidation ahead of national elections in may Daniel Johnson UN news.

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