Flights snarled at U.S. East Coast airports as controllers call in sick


Five weeks old Warren Levinson, New York. Hundreds of thousands of federal workers are missing another paycheck AP Washington. Correspondent saga megani? Reports on how one of the Trump cabinets wealthiest members is facing criticism for being out of touch about the impact in a CNBC interview commerce secretary Wilbur Ross said he knows some unpaid federal employees are going to food banks. I don't really quite understand. Why wondering why they don't take out loans? Instead, the people might have to pay a little bit of interest. But the idea that is paid. Check or zero is not a really valid idea. Democrats are calling it tone deaf, and pointing to the president's owner barks about unpaid workers earlier this month, they'll make adjustments the president's often said without citing evidence that furloughed workers support his border wall push. Even if it means they don't get paid saga megani? At the White House.

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