Apple revokes Google’s enterprise iOS certificate, shuts down internal apps

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On Thursday said the business insider piece apple revoked Google's ability to run internal IOS apps, leaving Google employees unable to access tools. Necessary to do their jobs, according to a port in the verge. The move was meant as a punishment for Google's use of data collecting app and violation about those rules and came one day after apple imposed similar consequences for employees at Facebook. Feels weird to call it punishment. But I'm not sure what word would be better as with Facebook on Wednesday number of internal apps, simply stopped working for Google employees on Thursday. The P says Apple's move caused pre released Berge of Google maps. Hang outs g mail and more to stop working for employees. Meanwhile, employee only apps such as the one for g bus transportation and Google cafe also went dark as of this writing the companies are said to be working toward a resolution business insider had Google saying we're working with apple the fix temporary this Russian to some of our corporate IOS apps, which we expect will be resolved soon. Apple seem to agree saying we are working together with Google to help them reinstate their enterprise typically, it's very quickly. How long is it likely to take for apple and Google to make nice probably thirty six hours or less? If things go as smoothly for the search giant as they did for Facebook. Listen, I know the Google things over, but I'd already written this. So let me get throw it that piece from apple insider says internal I o s apps for Facebook employees or getting back to business the peace at a Facebook spokesperson saying we have had our enterprise vacation which enables our internal employee applications restored where in the process of getting our internal apps up and running to be clear. This didn't have an impact on our consumer facing services. I must express a bit of disappointment. It seems that Facebook does whatever it wants whenever it wants at gets caught. It doesn't completely unconvincing song and dance of apology. Then it goes back to doing whatever it wants whenever it wants for one brief moment it like Facebook might suffer the consequences of its actions. And you could argue it did for one seriously brief moment. I mean who knows what deal was made between the companies to get the wheels rolling again from outside. It's disappointing.

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