'Empire' actor Jussie Smollett hospitalized after attack; police investigating as possible hate crime


His Instagram story. So proud of my daughter fifty five stay humble, kind of always rock on rain is currently a student at Belmont university studying music, while also mildly and this to our studies a mile also had a brief cameo in two thousand eighteen the last track NATO, it's about time the shock Nina films. Oh, so much fun main should have her stuff doing Miami swim week back in July at the two thousand eighteen Sports Illustrated swimsuit show. Okay. Hey, Go. go. More news empires. Jussie smollet are smaller hospitals after homophobic, racist attack. According to teams E smell at told the police in an interview that is a sailor's yield maga- country during the attack the Chicago police department confirmed this information, untold enu in statement. And the initial reports there was no mention of maga- when is follow up with small later in the day. He we call it. The offenders making those comments in taxes completed a supplemental report police are still seeking formation evidence about the case. Variety reports that the show will continue to film scheduled empire star jussie smollet has been hospitalized after being attacked the Chicago early Tuesday, surely after riding in the city from New York smell that was walking when to finish approached him and gained his attention by yelling out, racial, homophobic, homophobic, slurs towards him the offenders began to batsman let with their hands about the face and port an unknown chemical substance on him during the attack one of the offenders, wrapped a rope around Smuts neck defenders later fled. The scene was self transport it to northwestern hospital, and he is said to currently being good condition overnight. The Chicago police department received a report of a possible racially charged assault mattering involving cashmere at the television show empire. CPT spokesman Anthony Guglielmi states. Given the severity of the allegations. We're taking this mitigation very seriously and training as possible hate crime detectors are currently working together. Video. Oh, I if I- potential witnesses and the savage investigative time line. The statement contains the victim is fully cooperating with investigators. And we ask anyone with information about this incident to contact area central detectives at three one two seven four seven eight three eight two are reported anonymously to WWW that CPI DT IP dot com.

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