Nintendo Switch's US sales surpass the PS4 and Xbox at the same age


Pokomo. Let's go and Pokemon. Let's go Pika chew and super. Mario party the to poke. Games combined to sell two million units in the US and Super Mario party sold. One point four million Nintendo's star player, however has been super smash Bros. Ultimate which was revealed earlier to be the company's fastest selling game ever in Europe. While the US sold three million units in just eleven days that is very impressive. How many units Nintendo switch us globally is a harder number to come by Vosa? Because intend to hasn't revealed it in July, the tally was nearly twenty million units. Which means it's probably ballooned well past that by now, but how does that stack up to PlayStation for an Xbox One? Microsoft, of course, stopped revealing hardware figures a while ago and the face of the PS four dominance and Sony's machine. We know has sold more than eighty six million units worldwide, it's unlikely which will ever have time to catch up to Sony with Microsoft already talking about a new generation of Xboxes and Sony presumably won't be far. Behind with PS five. We'll congratulations. Everybody over at Nintendo. That is an impressive number to say. The least it is weird. How you compare them? Because it's not a true console race in the sense that Xbox One PS four had a couple of years on intendo switch and like they say here in the article the odds of switch actually catching up to PS four is pretty slim. And we don't even know if they're going to hit their internal sales figure they seem confident that they will with the impressive numbers of super smash Bros. Ultimate of course. If you guys remember their internal goal was to hit forty million units by the end of their fiscal year, which is the end of March twenty nineteen. I, of course, don't think they're going to do it because I'm

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