2018 NFL AFC, NFC playoff picture - Schedule, Super Bowl matchups through Week 16


Join amac hanging out with you. Will preview all the games? Speaking of which already underway week sixteen eating NFL titans. Beat the Redskins late touchdown in the fort to grab the lead. And then a Malcolm Butler Butler pick six last play of the game to give you a nine point differential, which oh, by the way. Spread was ten and a half eleven in most places it opened up a ten. I did not. I was here in the studio at times I didn't hear any of the broadcast of the game. It's my understanding that you're always supposed to go for the extra point conversion ages walked off the field. Now, I've seen this happen before where they don't really need to do it. You don't wanna be bothered doing? It you go out and just take a knee this center gives somebody gets in under the center, and they have the ball to him and takes games over. You. Don't want to give the team the other chance you don't wanna start Starfighter ranting. But they didn't even try the now the final score is a nine point win. If they had kicked the field goal. It would have been ten if they get the PAT they went for two would have been eleven and now we're actually talking about the spread being in play at ten tweeted open it up maybe some people added at ten was ten and a half eleven motion places. I check. The day started. I haven't going to have to look into this. I'm going to have to see if I can find anybody comment after the game. They never tried to PAT yet. Again was over yet a tightened it. But there are some people that actually care about the points and games in case you had not heard they do accept legal wagering on NFL games. These days in a whole bunch of state Senate six banding almost on a daily basis, not to mention Vegas and offshore and everywhere else. I don't quite understand why they didn't go PHD. Anyway that was the early game. We've got a later game going on and ready already underway. Chargers turned it off right away. Philip rivers to a. Ravens rue quickly down the field. Settle for field goal. Went up. Three nothing charged. Good move it again, kicking back range. They move it. Again into field goal range and Justin Tucker from fifty three yards out. Not close pulls it. Well, right, and borderline copepod Mus. He's a stiff who said he should be in a pro ball at Tucker guy. Just because he's that good season before he could make this all important field goal in the first quarter and a game that the ravens already late. All right. Maybe maybe I'm pulling jaylo affirms helping free to pull mine. Eight five five two one two four two two seven pervert the phones. I do accept tweets. You should know that by now anytime yours truly Johnny weekend show. You're on CBS sports radio any tweet that I receive during the body of the show, and it is now just down to an hour and seventeen minutes left because we had a shortage show today. I read

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