U.S. sues to block Philadelphia safe drug-injection site


US? Attorney Bill Mack Swain has filed a civil lawsuit against the nonprofit group called safe house, which is planning the first in the nation supervised drug injection site in Kensington KYW Steve tower reports Swain is looking for a judge's ruling before it opens to avoid arrests prosecutions or forfeiture, hearing US attorney Bill mix Swayne who took office last spring as long signalled that he would not look the other way and have the full force of Justice department support the first of its kind in the United States to ask the US district court to declare that so-called supervised injection sites violate federal law. The lawsuit is against the nonprofit safehouse which wants to open a facility in the Kensington section ground zero in the United States for the heroine epidemic and argue that is a moderate incremental reasonable step in response to what safe houses doing mix. Wayne says the law is clear and in his. His words it's my job to respect and enforce the rule of law. He says if safehouse wants to operate an injection site, it should work through the democratic process to try to change the law while the issue has not yet been tested in the US in Canada, it has and the supreme court there ruled safe injection sites could be exempted because saving lives outweighs federal law on illegal drug use Steve Taiwa KYW NewsRadio plans for a safe injection site in Philadelphia will move forward while mix Wayne civil suits in the courts KYW city hall bureau chief Pat Loeb reports both the city in the nonprofit group that will operate. It remain committed to opening safehouse will continue its search for a building. And funding says board vice president Rhonda gold fine. She actually welcomes the civil suit as the appropriate way to decide who is right on the so-called crack house law that prohibits sites for illegal drug use. We have consistently maintained our initiative to save lives is not what was intended by. The federal law. Safehouse house would provide clean needles to prevent the spread of blood porn disease. It would test for the deadliest part of street drugs board member Ed Rendell says it would not provide drugs medical personnel would stand by in case someone takes charge overdose. In del predicts many will get treatment because of counseling that will be

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