Julia Roberts, Cameron Diaz and ‘My Best Friend’s Wedding’ cast reunite


Entertainment Weekly is doing a series of romantic comedy reunions for their upcoming special romantic double issue, and one of the cast is from my best friend's wedding, the nineteen Ninety-seven movie starring Julia Roberts Cameron Diaz Rupert Evert and Dermott Mulroney's. So they're all on the cover together providing oral history of the movie, and including Cameron Diaz breaking down her famous karaoke scene from. Yeah. You know, I just I remember like loving that movie until the very end. Yeah. Because I think I was sad that he stayed with Cameron Diaz. And then also in that movie. I wish everyone was ten years older. They were. Character was still in college. Yeah. Which always kind of baffled me. I mean, you know, what it happens? But it was kind of like.

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