What Exactly Are Frankincense and Myrrh?



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If you've heard of frankencense and Moore, it's probably thanks to the biblical account of the birth of Jesus. According to the book of Matthew chapter, two wise men. Followed a bright star in the east of Bethlehem to where Jesus had been born and presented him with gifts of gold frankencense and Moore during the Christmas season depictions of this event, Argub it quits in American culture, decorating, churches, and shopping, malls alike. But don't let the shiny tinsel and festive candidates distract you from our question today. What exactly are frankencense and mirror? Both frankencense are derived from tree sap or gum resin and are prized for their lowering fragrances frankencense is a milky white resin extracted from species of the genus bus. We Leah which thrive in arid cool areas of the Arabian peninsula, east Africa and India the finest and most aromatic of the species is bus willia- sacra, a small tree that grows in Somalia, Oman and Yemen, these plants which grow to a height of about. Sixteen feet or five meters have papery bark sparse branches of paired leaves and flowers with white petals and a yellow or red center murder is a reddish resin the comes from species of the genus come four, which are native to northeast Africa. And the adjacent areas of the Arabian peninsula. Come a foreign Mira a tree commonly used in the production of Moore can be found in the shallow. Rocky soils of Ethiopia Kenya. Amman Saudi Arabia and small it boasts shiny branches was sparsely that grow in groups of three and can reach a height of nine feet or about three meters. The process for extracting, the sap of these trees is essentially identical harvesters make a longitudinal cut in the tree's trunk which pierces gun resin reservoirs located within the bark the sap slowly uses out from the cut and drips down the tree forming tear-shaped droplets, they're left to harden on the side of the tree. These beans are collected after two weeks people in east Africa and the Arabian peninsula, had produced frankencense and Merv for some five thousand years for much of this time these. Medic resins were the region's most important commodity with a trade network that reached across Africa, Asia and Europe today. Demand for frankencense and Moore has subsided a bit, but numerous Chinese Greek Latin and sanskrit texts reminders of their past importance frankencense and Moore were desired for personal religious and medicinal use in a time before daily bathing people would use the sweet smoke from the resins to make themselves. Smell better. Egyptian women would mix frankencense ash into their I shadow these substances were also widely used in religious ceremonies and burials, according to the Greek writer here notice Egyptians used both frankencense and myrrh in preparation of animals sacrifices and human mummies Jews incorporated them into their religious ceremonies by the third century, BC and Christians by the fourth century, CE the residents also had medical uses in the papyrus Ebbers from fifteen hundred BC priests recommended both resins for the treatment of wounds other ailments. They were once reported to cure included, hemlock poisoning leprosy were. Terms snake bites? Diarrhea plague scurvy and even bald this the high demand for frankencense and Moore created a booming trade in the Middle East lasting several hundred years in the first century, CE around the height of this trade. Plenty the elder claims that Arabia produced approximately one thousand six hundred eighty tonnes about fifteen hundred metric tonnes a frankencense and around four hundred forty eight tons or four hundred metric tons of mir- each year, one of the most important trade centers surrounded and a waste and modern day. Southern Oman this outpost exported frankencense across best Petya India and China for about three hundred BC e to the third century. See the ruins of the settlement remain as UNESCO world. Heritage site known as the land of frankencense, clearly frankencense and Moore were widely available when the wise men visited the baby Jesus around five BC and would have been considered practical gifts with many uses the expensive resins were symbolic as well. A frankencense which was often burned symbolized prayer rising to the heavens like smoke. While mirror, which was often used in bombing symbolized death. So scholars think that frankencense was presented to the infant Jesus to symbolize his later role as a high priest for believers while Mur symbolized, his later, death and burial frankencense and Moore may not be as popular as they once were. But they're still used today in some ways that you might not expect their common ingredients in modern, perfumes, and cosmetics. Continuing a tradition that's lasted years. Scientists are finding new uses for the substances as well. Recent studies suggest that frankencense or its extracts may help intriguing asthma. Rheumatoid arthritis Crohn's disease, and osteoarthritis researchers have also discovered possible benefits of murder in the treatment of gastric ulcers tumors and parasites. This episode was written by Clint pump free and produced by Tyler claim for more on this and lots of other spicy topics. Visit our home planet. How stuff works dot com. You know, people say necessity is the mother of invention. But that's not always true. 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