Mattis resigns after clash with Trump over troop withdrawal from Syria


So the Trump administration. Aides told the new. Times that the president became increasingly furious in the days following Madison's resignation letter the times reporting added that the president initially did not understand just how forceful rejection of his strategy Mr Batten haddish should because people took that resignation. And they really parse that out. They went sentence by sentence as they're going to do this. Don't like the president. Yes. So so here, here's General Mattis who a lot of people love except the left. Didn't love him. Remember, President Obama fired him in two thousand thirteen didn't even call him. He found out when an aide told him he'd been replaced. Yes. Not not a word from the left on that at all. They were silent about that. Like, well, who cares? He fired back. They didn't care about that. At all. Now, they love him because the because he's resigning, and so he's not going to be serving for President Trump's are. Now, they love him. And and President Trump's a horrible person for letting him go, right? So you so you're here's how here's here's the ark of serving your country these days, if you serve inside of this administration as at as you are serving in the administration, you are Beasley Bob you are Satan incarnate. If you're Rex Tillerson, if you're on Orosa, if your James Mattis, you are doing nothing, but ushering in the seven horsemen of the apocalypse. Now, if you decide to leave the administration or you're fired and instead of. And if you even relatively dunk on the administration just Mattis was just a little dunk on Rosa course, was kind of like half court. Michael Jordan at the end of Space Jam kinda dunk. Doesn't matter. Then you'll become a cult hero. All right. Then suddenly it's like yes Queen. Okay. Yes. Queen re Rex Tillerson like yes, come on. We love you. We love you. Exxon Mobil executive because you're saying mean mean things about the administration. So that's that's the career. That's the career arc of anyone coming in the comings and goings of the Trump administration, and that's summed it up beautifully. So so the this is again awkward, this is apparently a behind the scenes based on stories from people who have no authority to talk. Of course, of course, unnamed sources though, isn't it funny, Mary that is always increasingly furious. Like every one of these stories is always Trump becomes increasingly furious. Yeah. Oh, yeah. Well, he's unhinged. And we have to have that parody of him of being unhinged. Because he has to be insane. What he's doing in that? Because all of the people, of course, who voted for him are racist on Saturday. The president tweeted that he gave Mattis quote, a second chance after Barack Obama ingloriously fired him, which is true. Mattis led the US central command for two thousand ten to twenty thirteen. And then he disagreed with the Obama administration on Iran and rather than allow him to resign President Obama fired him, but didn't tell him he was fired because that's that's classy, Trump wrote some thought I shouldn't. I thought I should interesting relationship. But I also gave all of the resources that he never really had allergies are very important. But not when they take advantage of the US. So the president was speaking there about giving him a second chance some thought I shouldn't I thought I should. So I did he never had the resources that I gave him but. A lot of people are pointing to the line in James Madison's resignation where he talks about allies being important to the United States. And how we can't just turn our back on our allies. A lot of people are talking about the the Kurds that the United States has a habit of of arming the Kurds. We train the Kurds because they they fight against the fight against ISIS. They're they're they're loyal to us. And then we we leave them, right? We do it. We do time and time again, I don't know. How often we think they're going to stay loyal to us because we do it to them time and time again, I don't pretend to know that much about Syria to be able to speak about it with any kind of authority. So I'm going to say that I don't know the I don't know it's been going on for years and years. Does anyone have MS? Right. All the different players and everything else. I hear I have obviously we've heard about the Kurds over and over and over again and how they're like the one bastion of sanity in a sea of insanity. And that's apparently we're leaving them again. Right. And so now they're going to be slaughter. Yeah. Not not not really, I if you look at all the controlling forces in the region, the Kurds are absolutely surrounded by extremists and surrounded by very very dangerous people with this going to work out. Well for them God. Let's hope it's Christmas Eve, let's say a prayer. But this is a tough world when America leaves region, it certainly is a vacuum. And it is and there's only two thousand troops that are leaving that we have there. But that was enough to keep some stability. But we have not just Democrats. We've Republicans who are also not happy with this. And are speaking out about it as well. So we'll see. That develops presents. Got a lot on his

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