Netflix picks up Zac Efron’s Ted Bundy drama Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile


Net. Flicks is kicking off two thousand nineteen with the one two punch for to crime obsessive just weeks ago, the streaming service debuted its docu series conversations with a killer, the ten Ted Bundy tapes, which I believe we've all watched right? I have not watched it yet. Okay. Watch. Young. It's me out a little bit in the way that that happened. Himself in the third person. What else lex sorry? What were you gonna say? Lex. I wanna watch. Colin does not want to watch it. So I'm going to have to. Watch it by myself. Yeah. Well, you'll be hooked right away. I starts one hundred and fifty hour. Well, it isn't a full, but he recorded one hundred and fifty hours of tape with Ted Bundy back in the day wrote a book, and this is just shrieked down. It's fascinating love it. Okay. They also have purchased that movie extremely wicked shockingly evil and vile. That is with Zach Ephron. That's his Ted Bundy movie that just premiered at Sundance the race to get the projects out. Yes. Nine million they paid for it. Wow. Now, I want to also mention that. It's the same director Joe Berlinger directed conversations with a killer. The Ted Bundy tapes on net flicks there and also this other one was Ephron. Oh, so I mean, this guy's an expert in it. So the baby so interested in seeing this. They're also releasing it in theaters that it'll be a contender for awards.

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