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It sounds like you've done that before that was pretty good. It was It was great. great. All right. Let's start off with we'll do Browns. Bengals Brown's got revenge on Hugh Jackson with the thirty five to twenty win. It was just another Mark on the Bengals franchise. They have become maybe the biggest joke in sports at the visual. Hugh jackson. Oh, yeah. Joke up job right now. Opposite Jacksonville Jaguars disagree. How you talk about Super Bowl from September. There's what three and eight three eight. They just lost it a Bill the bill's like four or five wins because Hugh Jackson is nice. Seven a couple of weeks ago compared to Jacksonville tune of Super Bowl was running his mouth but Hugh Jackson's on their sidelines. Look this Hugh Jackson, Marvin Lewis, dumb and dumber. Skit. They got going on is like. Because they're both idiots. Okay. Why why do you think Jackson first of all because with three thirty six get fired? And he took a job any Chilton. But fine, you want consultant I've never seen a consultant like look what he's the head coach. I've no get off the sidelines. He's. Barbara Lewis is allowing him to be on the south or they look like. He has a relationship with Andy Dolan. I mean, there's no wrong. Don't think one the Browns guy the ball handed tool. Many like tougher eighty. Hugh thought really showing them love when it goes that That was pathetic. was. My god. Shake bakers hand. It shows you how sweet of a person. Hugh Jackson is just dumb dumb. They look like in the Bengals. Aren't just losing recently. They're losing my life hundred smashed. Marvin Lewis has been there for thousand years. He's never really gonna lead to you once. And then you got this other cloudy brings it. I've never seen. Someone get fired one week in be on sideline the next. I've never seen that well because he probably to Hughes. Listen, I understand it friends with one of these people personal Personal level. level. Not why not sticking Hugh Jackson. Nothing. Just. Yes. It is. If you go if you have three thirty six in your last position wasn't chances of you getting another job is slim to none. Right. So if you have your your home is best friend has a gangster currently head coach when you wanna slip, right? I don't think we're like knocking Hugh Jackson for taking the job. He got a job. He took it just vigil. It's more for not gonna Bengals. Yeah. But I don't like morons with those two on the sidelines. Like, oh, let's hatch some scheme to win a football. You guys can't win shit and just the optics of having him on the sideline the football in like Hugh Jackson that picture screen shot where he's like looks confused. There a punchline I feel I I don't think it's that big of a deal. That's just my I think he's obviously really that big of a deal. Today demanding job. I don't play the bagels for having bringing somebody along this has relationship with any dolt knows the bagels organization angles. Can we all just went back home? He started started with Cincinnati just pretty much all the Bengals are struggling mightily right now, there's There's a a lot lot of of teams. teams. Sir answer. Yes..

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