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Um democrats calling it jonk by the way well it that ninety day option remember that the as you pointed out gary that option was first in the affordable care act and then they lowered a to ninety days administratively obama'd well it's not when when when you think about it because you you and i have we've talked to the two different points on it if you offer plans for less than a year and that is basically catastrophic well it's not chunk to any young person who does wishes to jump on it and doesn't really need healthcare right now but just one set safetynet so they don't go into debt three or four hundred thousand dollars because of a major operation right yeah you'll have a lot of healthy people that are attracted a to that and what are they say the cost would go down roughly the cost would go from uh a roughly four hundred dollars to one hundred twenty four dollars a month well that's that's huge john wall we'll have been uh in any impact on those young people that will be able to the healthy young people instead of pain awad more uh and not using health insurance now will say will a cutter uttered and 24 a yeah i mean that that's something that i can afford now as we've said the problem is uh on it the overall problem is the where the republicans because every healthy person that does not pay into ram remember obamacare still exist uh the president said that the you know during the state of the union he stated a correctly he didn't say obamacare is gone as he was tweeting out after they uh you know after they got rid of the individual mandate a he said to obamacare for all intents and purposes has gone and that was not true uh but during the state of the union when he talked about the mandate is gone that was accurate that was true but obamacare still exists so what do you do you find the parts of obamacare that uh the executive branch was able to rate delayed in one of those things that obamacare that obama was able to do was offer insurance for less than a year sort of a bridge.

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