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Her husband and six children as she shares her journey to success and the positive mentality that brought her there. Come on in and make yourself at home. Now here's your host I Kim Zodiac Bearman. How you guys welcome to this episode of House of Kim? Lots to talk about today. Big Big boy. They baby high name. Lots to talk about today. I love you I love you too sweetie. Okay well should we just jump into it. I guess we should talk about. Let's lots of talk about per positi. Kaya stitches I felt the liquor store. Baking cookies I mean. Yeah so let's just jump right into I guess per positi. That's what you WANNA do. Let's jump into Kaya stitches. She has actually since there's so many assumptions Kost or to me. It's gross but anyway it's okay to make an ass out of yourself. Yeah that's what happens. Assume you make an acid you and me and you assume ha but anyway Kaya was running around on Saturday with her brothers and they were running through the house playing tag and they were hiding their favorite a game ever and then when they catch each other they wrestle until one gets away and then they start chasing each other again and tag thank. It's probably the toughest one or the rules with Cairo. Very strict there's no tackling wrestling her and the boys can basically kill each other but they have to stay from Kaya so anyway corey and I were in the room room doing something. We're on the laptop or something. I don't know we were doing something and I heard Kaya Start to cry and I was like what the heck and cash came in. And he's like you know I just WanNa let you know there's just blood everywhere all over Kaya just blood everywhere like Oh yeah cash. We thought cash was kidding because if that was the case our nanny Berta or self off with ourself what if we're like yeah whatever body and then somebody else came in K.. J. No Arianna Arianna. Yeah Arianna was like just want you know blood everywhere. So I'm like Oh my God. So we'd like fly out of the bed and go and Kaya has a chunk out of her like the kind of the side of her lip almost not chunk but like so she honest. I heard a big bang and I was like what the hell but I didn't think anything of it. And she's like I just thought the boys jumping off these two steps upstairs going from like the Hollywood room as we call it down to Arianna as room. There's like two steps down to that whole side of the house. Basically and so those two steps are hardwood floors and she'd kind of nipped hit her lip right on the corner of that last step or whatever and so I'm like Oh my God so tom we were going ice skating. We were yeah we had great plans. We had just finished the boys basketball game. I think right that morning. Yeah they'd basketball that morning their first game so anyways we're going to go ice skating and so yeah. We had to go to the hospital and she got six six stitches. Six or seven pitches. Whatever she he was a very tough cookie Kinda went along down kind of her lip line and then extended a little bit out But I posted the picture of her with the stitches Chisolm. My life got busy and people on instagram. Like what are you going to tell us you need to. You Owe us an explanation. No I don't know so anyways I figured I would just share that with you. Guys is and then two days later in total wines over an Alfa reta no maybe not Alfa Reta. What is that over there? That's Roswell I believe now. Oh so what do not Roswell North Point. I don't think it's Roswell it is no okay anyways whatever around here our house and and we were getting wine and kind of getting ready for the holiday season and entertaining and all that good stuff in so croix. I'm kind of waiting at the register and I have two carts full of liquor go figure and Croix kind of close to the register. I'm on the phone with Brielle and Croix. The Genius Eddie is decides to bring two two or three big cases of beer and set them. What he thought was next to the cart was which was directly behind me so there was so my point is and there? It was like a display next to me so I didn't really have much room between the car that was already kind of kitty corner to me and this display. So anyways I turn around and I'm like looking for cold air and I see this really cute L. thing in for Christmas so much all my God. I'M GONNA go by that so I turned around and I fall right over the beer. My leg is bleeding. I fall my my phone. Flies like twenty it hurt like a son of a gun my nail. It hurt like how so anyway. I'm pissed list and a few guys that work there like you okay. Are you okay so I am embarrassed and then be here comes out of I online. I'm like you know what you set the beer and I start popping opposite mouth. I'm so pissed and he comes over and he tries to dust off my black pants. I had like Yoga Pants on and he tried to dust off my black pants and I'm like it hurts to shit but I didn't want everybody to know that my leg like was done was really bad so we got to the KARMIC really hurts and I'm like mad as Hell Lacroix and the guy on the phone. The guy that the register was on the phone trying to see how many bottles of wine you could get me or whatever. And he's like when crew when he set the beer down. I thought to myself I should move that. He's like but I I didn't basically yeah I still don't understand in my mind. I was sitting next to the cart and I. I didn't wall didn't think a you're we're going to be moving and then and then be like if you would you would like spin around or I spun around and walked. I didn't spin around. Look down right like there should be nothing there. Why would there be anything mayor like anyways? Whatever it wasn't a graceful fall either? I looked ridiculous and so like it was throbbing instantly swollen and of course a blood thinner doesn't help but actually it's healed really quickly but of course stopped at the gas station. got a big old bag is and I put that on which I actually think really helped it but it still hurts my ankles all black and blue my be you for whatever reason and then all the way up my Shin and it's like you know I just had the scars on my Shin Lizard so back at it again. Well you did like one of those body broke the skin near there. It was Blue Lake dripping down and then it kind of form like a little bit of a club so anyways yeah it's been fun fun week. It's early December and.

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