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Your message out there for cheaper and everyone's at home, so that tension on these platforms all time high right by because everyone's on-the-spot from their home all day. They're scrolling. They have nothing to do. There's no work no distracting. Everyone's on these up on social media is at an all time. High usage and costs are at like a two year low I. Mean you triple down on that? That's you look at that spread. You triple down you, don't you don't? Don't just say okay. We're GONNA keep advertising going you triple down and one of our clients did they average forty five thousand dollars a month in sales before the pandemic, they hit six hundred thousand last month in sales four hundred thousand a month before they tripled down their advertising budget in got better results because it was cheaper for myself. I started doing perfectly mentored live on facebook. The results are have been better than any podcasts ever put out because I understood attentions. Their people are there. Give them something. It's incredible because you saw that. And you had the foresight to see what was there, but that type of immense them to give to your clients, not only during the pandemic day make money whether able to help their clients, which came from you, but you think about how they scaled afterwards, and once it started opening up again and everybody. You know started getting out there. And, speaking a perfectly your mentor, it's the podcast blown me away. It really has between Tim Story who I absolutely love. I love listening to him. We aligned with our with our message You know the founder of Click Finals Russell Brunson which a lot of our listeners would know. You had the CEO of CHIAPPA fight. I mean huge bulletproof coffee. I mean here's a guy I love this because he's like me, he wants to live forever, but it's so diversified and to have Gary Banner Chuck's brand director on you don't look for one niche. Niche. You're looking to bring everything together and I think that that's what makes your podcast so amazing and why? I want to promote that podcast because my job again is to elevate others and bring the people on where other people can go, they can listen to and get that foresight. What is it like? How do you pick and choose because you have? There's so many different niches in there, but they all have one common element share that with us. What is it that you think about when you want to have a guest on whether? Whether or not to have them on, honestly, it's selfish. I started perfectly mentored. Because you know Gary Chalk. He was one of the first people on the podcast was on, because he told me to start a podcast and annoyed him. same thing with Damon Johnny Lloyd Him until he said you're not gonNA stop arguing I, said no, and he's like do twenty episodes I'll come up and that's the reason..

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