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Most of the senior Bowl? We'd you know how much staff you're bringing, and then kind of bigger picture. How quickly are you going to be able to start delegating with this weird offseason people to do stuff? And will you rely on assistant coaches to help with a lot of the evaluation to because of the limitations of not being able to go to the combine? Or maybe it was much pro day wise and all that. Yeah, I've already started delegated. I mean, we have a great staff have a great college staff, and I'm gonna start meeting with them tomorrow and then in regards to the coaches there, they're gonna be involved in the whole process. The interview process and And, you know, typically, they've always have been where I've been, so they're gonna be involved, and we're gonna value their opinion on in regards to senior bowl. I'm still still up in the air. I'm just trying to See how I get through this week with I'm gonna be with college scouting department in the pro scouting department and then make a decision from there. So sorry, can answer that. OK, George. Thanks for taking the time here, guys Who will be next is bring John back up on ST George. Thank you guys Appreciate it. Mm hmm. John, you hear? Yes, sir. Okay. We'll start with Brian. How never pose questions now for John Elway from the pressure on you guys interviewed all first time GM candidates. What about George's experience was appealing to you. Well, obviously, any time you have 25 years of history in this league, and you know what his background and where he's been, and I think that you know his reputation within the league is tremendous. And so I think All those things combined, Um, you know, put him at the top of the cliffs, and we're just thrilled that it worked out to think that you know, George reputation, I think is unmasked up to this point for all the first time. G. M's. And so you know, I think I'm really like was the fact that he had it up. Other opportunities I said in the opening is that he had other opportunities. And you know this was a you know, a guy that wasn't just looking to jump as a GM but was looking for the right situation. And I want to be great what he did, And it was that that was the key thing is wanted me He would be great at what he does, and he also wants to have the resource is the ability to do what he wants to do. And I think that he saw that in Denver. You mean You know he has that opportunity, and you know, so we're thrilled that he took the job. Before we got fire in general said it found thanks for the time you told me when you changed positions that you would be involved in big decisions and that included von Miller. Will that include Justine Simons? And how does that work then? You obviously it George gets settled. But will you be involved in those John? Or you're gonna let him assess it and then kind of report back to you what he thinks. You guys should you specifically with von and Justin, and I think that you know George is going to do is work on both those situations. Obviously, you've got to get activated to the new position in the new job gets to know everybody on. There's a lot of different things that are gonna go on and You know, obviously bond and just in order to two of the bigger things that you know he's gonna have to address And so I'm like I said, When I moved up, I'm planning on being a sounding board form and any information that I can give him to help him make a better decision. I'm going to do And so that's kind of my role in the role that I'm looking forward to, especially with knowing everybody in the building and the team and so Dia will help George and support him in any way I can. We'll do a few more before bringing pickup at burning yourself. Down kind of back to what you were saying about George versus the other candidates because you had knowledge a decade ago. What? You didn't know it had to rely on other people around you. The fact that he had been Doing so many different things over so many years on the personnel side was that what made him the most attractive was that he checked the most boxes because he had done it all, I guess. Yeah, I think you know, you look at the track record where he'd been and what they've done in Minnesota. They had a tremendous track record up there and get success up there and then a lot of good things and the draft as far as moving around the draft as well as what they didn't free agency. And certain pieces that they needed to add. So you know, I think the one thing too is you Look at it. They were always aggressive, you know, and always trying to get better, and it may not be the most, uh, popular thing to do. But if they thought it was the best thing for the Minnesota Vikings, that's what they did. And I'm sure that he was a big piece of that that conversation. So therefore, you know, you want a guy that's not afraid to take chances, and then we'll do not necessarily the popular thing. But what's the best thing for the Denver Broncos? And I think that was one thing that was very intriguing. Next one information. Hey, John, In the interviews you have with George. What sort of impression did he make? And did he say anything That really jumped out that kind of cut to the heart of what the organization needs right now. No. I mean, I think that you know is George and I thought, you know the interview with any time you go through an interview on this 3.5 hour interview on the scene, and it goes very fast. You know you you have common thoughts, and I think that that's what that interview went through and I think that you know it hit on all cylinders, Not only with me, but with Joe as well as Vic. And so, you know, I think that you know, always felt that you know it was. It was the right guy and you know Not necessarily similar thoughts, but an idea of the way he did things his. You know his work ethic and the way that he goes about and how the young dig everything they possibly can on every single football player. I thought I thought was very good. So you know, he touched base is with all of us, and I think that's what was really good about it, in fact, is that No, we're able to get him to come and be our GM. Penalty will do what he paid market. Everybody. John. I'm a little bit unclear, and I'm stupid, but in your role you said you're still the president of football operations. If the general manager comes to you and said, so I want to trade freak first round draft choices. And two star players for I don't know a franchise type quarterback. Is he still going to be able to make that decision? Or does that come into your right as the president of football operations that you can tell they were just add your input. No, I'm at my input. Obviously, when it has a huge impact on something like you're talking about that, um, you know when you have something that is that big an impact on your organization and but ultimately it's gonna be George's decision. So I'm they're gonna be able to like I said, to support him, give my opinions give him all the everything that I would look at. When I was a jam and kind of give him everything that would be in my mind and look in that situation. And then be able to help him again. Help him, You know, make that decision the best decision you possibly can. And once he hears everything then, But he'll still be still be the one making that decision because that's his role, and that's his responsibility. So as I said, I'm here too. You know, support him in any way I possibly can and give him my viewpoints, But it's gonna be his decision. I will not give up. I think, you know. What do you mean the last two questions. It's kind of like dumb and dumber, but I'll give it a shot here. Since Peyton Manning you you've taken our swings a quarterback. Where do you think you are with your locket? And how do you value that? You want your quarterback situation right now. Well, you know, I'm still high on Drew. I think you got the physical abilities to do it. Um, I think that this year was essentially his rookie year. I think he was put behind the eight ball with everything that went on with covert with no off season, especially with the young. You know where the young offense a new offensive coordinator, So I think that you know, it was not by any means an ideal situation for Drew. But I think that you know, but anyway, you know, I'm gonna say that..

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