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In about thanks to the acts of the week at night way below technical sergeant guard James thanks Logan of molding Texas was one of only two men in this world to receive both the congressional medal of honor and the Distinguished Service Cross tomorrow the Jimmy Durante and Gary Moore Monday to Bob Hawke give thanks to the yanks and next Thursday Abbott and Costello everybody here from the boys I'd like to say the merchant marine needs more man to man the supply lines to victory and to eligible man it offers not only a well paid and where the present what a splendid future in six months time now you can make the progress it would have taken you three years to make before Pearl Harbor get all the facts go to any United States employment service office or wire collect did United States merchant marine Washington DC now there are but in Lou Costello with a final word thanks again but it's getting a little late so all we have time to say is just the night folks like to everybody buy bonds another great Abbott and Costello show Costello show will be back at this very same time next week don't miss it this is Ken Niles in Hollywood wishing you a pleasant good night this is the national broadcasting who that is the Abbott and Costello show from November sixteenth nineteen forty four Costello in a school play but Abbott Lou Costello and that was originally.

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