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Will be a they. Were GonNA be doing Fred Scripts for Deadpool Ba? I I want to ask everyone the worst movie that you've seen the most times 'cause when we're doing this podcast before we realized we haven't seen these Some of you a big prestigious movie like jaws or the Godfather something but I've seen maximum overdrive a dozen times or something like that and it's easy easily accessible you on the backgrounds. What do you think what's the worst movie you've seen the most times? I remember when I was getting either. No go ahead okay. Fine thank you. What's your name though? I'm Courtney McGuinness. Thank you insert fart noises. I saw the movie full findings. Oh God I just watch it for the first time like six months ago and I've seen it like four times since then it's on Youtube in fall. It's a real estate agent from Las Vegas. Nevada made this movie. And it is truly magical. Yeah I mean just the worst. It's amazing amazing. Thank you yeah. I think I've Seen Batman and Robin probably the most. Yeah that one's really bad Yes it has an Batman forever as nipples too but this one it's a little bit more prominent and And just Arnold Schwarzenegger's incredible yeah and it and Mr Freeze and also the first meeting of Batman and mister freeze damage says high freeze. I'm Batman so nick Manley.

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