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Fox Sports app as well. We'll get the Tom Brady with Coachman genie in a second. But first couple of big plays from yesterday hunter, Brian of Washington makes a great one handed snag in the Rose Bowl one of the few Washington highlights early in this game. This was a spectacular play. This is in the fourth quarter, pardon me. But this was a great play as Washington had just a back door covered kill ya. Fiat, Ohio State, minus seven I mean, that's why gambling's just the worst. This dominating that whole game is silly back, quiet, Leonard great job don't care. I want to all of this longer. How does that happen? How does that Ohio State minus seven out WinCo why put up forty five last night, and we're moving on or? Yon is all over John Lor sends him back to twenty eighteen you always give guys proffer challenging at the rim with. That's what it does. Where you gotta you. Gotta know that you don't have a really high percentage chance to be able to stop Janas from being able to send that one go go. Gadget arms. My man Yoenis you don't Milwaukee did last night. Like they've been doing all week. They've been covering good job Milwaukee. When it covered the spread. I'm just you know, aren't you gambling? David for the third straight game. They they covered. Once again. Thank you make up for that Ohio State to Bockel moving on that would clear traffic doors, Coachman Jeanie and Chris Canty for the New England Patriots not their best season. Not their best gronk not their best Brady. Still the two seat in the AFC is Brady showing signs of decline at age forty one. Maybe. But right now Brady's in the driver's seat until he isn't anymore, and despite less than great stats pro football, focus ranked him the fifth best quarterback in the NFL this season. Correct. Coach fifth best quarterback that everybody sort of gave up on Brady little too soon. Who who's giving up on them? Besides Nick who's giving up on on Tom Brady. And you look at what he's done with the whole season. They move on from there left tackle, they replace him with a guy that that was a converted defensive lineman is a really great job coach, they're left tackle. And you're shocked that he's not look he had a long way to go. And he sent a great job for you know, one thirtieth of what made God in in New York. So he do that. You lose your starting wide receiver. Gronk MRs gains Edelman, MRs what the first four games damn Dollah goes Miami. He's got all these things where we just Josh Gordon comes in, and then he leaves. But nobody makes a big deal about it. Because Tom Brady's. It's going gonna handle whatever it is as opposed to some quarterbacks who had weapons the whole season long and they're little bit more explosive or they seem more explosive. But if they had to deal with the issues at Tom to deal with New England, they could never listen. I've always thought the story of time Brady New England is he's overcoming that awful organizational structure. They have I always I was he's always in. I mean, he's gotta deal. Forget the fact that he's got two of the AFC east. You got the bills and the jets and the dolphins. I don't know how he can get through that. And now. I mean, obviously Bill Belichick has failed him for what the eighteenth consecutive year. And the story of Brady is overcoming. What are we has gone crazy break obviously Brady is the greatest quarterback ever? And he's still very good quarterback. But there's no way to look at Brady this year compared to Brady last year the league MVP and not see significant deterioration even in that jets game. You can't see him miss Chris HOGAN in the middle of the end zone opened by fifteen yards. Could have drawn a circle around him and see him sale the ball overs. Head and say, oh Brady's entering a different phase of his career..

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