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We don't need any more of that all right. Let's talk about a real fight. This was last saturday. You were down. In arlington texas ringside for that with aerospace defended his unified hundred forty-seven pound championships dominating danny garcia and route to a unanimous decision. spence keeps us titles and proves which is maybe more board that there were no lasting effects from that horrific car crash. He was in just over a year ago. So sitting there bryan. What did you think of spends performance. I thought it was fantastic And i think he'll be better next time out. I'm almost a little disappointed ear. And say i'll be back in the summer. I'm like summer i think. On on the end of the telecast house march april march april february. Come back in and then in the summer again like i wanted to. I think he needs to be active. Now look all things considered of course. He was thrown from his ferrari at one hundred miles an hour. I mean thank god. He's alive and he looked like errol spence. So you're right. He looked great. Now let me ask you. Why am i disappointed. In danny garcia. Because i was and you. You already know why i mean. He didn't engage at least not anywhere near as much as he should have. Fighting a guy that. I thought you want to test his chin earlier in that fight i look. I haven't seen the danny garcia at one forty that we're seeing at one forty seven. I think they're two different fighters. I think the guy went forty seven was more willing to trade and trying to time you whereas the guy at one four one forty one to do it in the guy. One forty seven is just a little bit more tentative than that. Here's why i am. You're you're right on it your near it. But i'll i'll go even deeper Because we haven't discussed this ahead of time. But i know we kind of think in a similar fashion as i praise both of us at the same time of scoring except scoring. of course. since. We're fine on that too. I just i appreciate your sensibility on most of these things because we den and angel had to know the the score going in from the get go knowing that this isn't chris l. Fighting manny pacquiao. Where i've got to come up with a plan of a lifetime. I've got to try something tremendously difficult on really gonna get crazy. I've got to change a lot in order to even compete. This is not that this is you know. Spencer's here and garcias here. We ve very close. He's a top five welterweight. He was right. He was great against lucas. Not say that night when he was a true big time fight for and that was for supremacy at one forty world supremacy but he had to know in every conversation. I had with him and angel. I know they're not going to tell me everything. Fight plan they think. I'm going to blab even though i don't like what i'm asking them. Something off camera. You know when we do fighter meetings like we don't go talking about this until in the fight and you're doing it but so they didn't tell me ahead of time. When i was on camera talking to dan he didn't tell me on the in the fighter meetings when i really got the sense and when x lewis did as well that.

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