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Doing where to various Trussell is the manager and shopper Nancy Hamburger says she's not even going inside stores did it all online with pick up like this? It's tremendous. She also says she's got her shopping done early. All of it. ABC is Becky were, Lee says. That's a smart move with so many of US shopping online shipping volume is expected to hit record levels could mean delays as Christmas creeps closer, so retailers are rolling out their best deals. Now stores are front, loading the best deals to give themselves more time to get products to you. All right. We'll check the traffic picture now from a zoo. We say good morning now to Rebecca Mazeroski. Good morning, Rebecca. Yes. No. Yes, she is. Rebecca, you there. Good evening. Much hear me now. Right here, you love. I'm here five by five. As they say in radio. Yes, we're okay. Uh, all right. Sorry about that. So let's start off in the Bronx, where we've got a crash, and this is heading south bound at 138 Street. You've got two lanes blocked there. That's causing heavy delays. And here's what we see on Long Island's A big three. No issues on the L I e or the northern State but the Southern State Parkway, You've got an ax investigation. This is westbound right at the Meadow Brook Park. We've got all laying this block and also the ramps from the Meadowbrook. To the Southern State Parkway. Those air closed as well. The Cross Island Parkway south on a crash of right in the area off him, said Avenue that's causing some major slowdowns. And here's what you need to know about the bridges and the tunnels. Not too much. George Lincoln Holland Tunnel all pretty quiet right now. This report sponsored by the ex surgeon twice daily thermometer fever is the leading sign of covert 19. So use an accurate thermometer for twice daily temperature checks..

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