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Federal It's 1128 We have traffic and weather on the 8s Let's go to read a Kessler in the WTO traffic center Thanks Deb and we're still not having any fun on the inner loop of the beltway in Virginia This is taking you out of Tyson's headed across the American legion bridge to river road in Maryland This is because of the left side of the roadway still blocked due to the flooding in the area Right now we're also slow off the inbound toll road and off the northbound George Washington Parkway trying to make your way onto the beltway We also have a report of a wreck coming from the beltway onto the George Washington Parkway southbound not sure if it's going to be the inner or outer loop ramp so keep an eye out either stretch but there was a report of a crash on that ramp We're also seeing bridge delays This is going to include one 23 and glee road header across the chain bridge into the district The key bridge is crawling headed toward M street and Georgetown the work on the whitehurst freeway may be the reason for this you're also seeing delays on eastbound 66 headed onto the inbound Roosevelt bridge This is the long-term work on the bridge The southbound George Washington Parkway and northbound three 95 are crawling headed across the 14th street bridge with nothing reported Now also in Virginia fairfax county park when you're back lick road was a report of a wreck Little river turnpike near Lake drive A report of a crash and the Prince William Parkway south of Kate and hill road near crossing place was a report of a wreck Eastbound 66 near two 34 business suddenly road that was a report of a wreck in Maryland east found 32 near 29 was a report of a crash Also keep an eye out in case grove no road is still closed near King Charles way This was from an earlier crash investigation Patio season has arrived at silver diner silver diners outdoor tents are open and all dining rooms have air purification systems Learn more at silver diner dot com slash safety silver diner eat well be well I'm Rita Kessler WTO traffic With a look at our forecast like xenophon things will get a little better this afternoon some of us will see some sunshine at times Scott's range of heart clinics are mostly cloudy We'll get up to a high end load of mid.

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