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Something like that. So you know, kind of going in what the parameters are. Sometimes it blows past it. Oftentimes comes up short of it. Like you don't really know who out depends who else is in the room, who wants that car who wants Paul Newman's Lama, or, or the Maas. The Maas class. Once gary. Well, you actually sitting there with the little fan waving it like with, like is like, first off, I'm semi recognizable in that world. So I gave it to Matt Andrea. And I was like you have it. You do it, by the way, it's two nerve wracking. Exactly. Yeah. He did it and I was like, I don't know, I'm not going to give you a number to stop at, you know, the number we want. But it was highly there's a lot of anxiety there when we in, like out of a movie where they completely stopped. So they're gonna just pounded out for the third time and give me the car and they stopped they rebooted the entire thing. And they're like, okay, everyone. Let's start over like I couldn't start with the whole thing. But they're like we're at four four now, everybody was like no come on come home. Bring it home. Let's not give one time to time to think and I have seen stuff stall out with, like going twice. Oh, nother bid, and then it's just heats up again. And it'll it'll go. It was it was. Yeah. There. But anyway, I'll be racing that jar at the. You're gonna say coming up coming up in August middle August those duplicates behind come on out and say say there's different cars all over all over. Yeah, it was fun. Surreal. Still owe money on it. All right. Do we bring it home? Now, I'm Gina grad. And that's the news. Piccione. The news with Gina grad. Simply safe. That's what I want to say you got to get some simply safe. No one should feel unsafe at home. Well, you won't anymore. You'll have simply safe to is simply safe dot com slash Adam. That is simply safe dot com slash.

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